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As a healthy ingredient for me
13 Class Projects

It takes about 10 minutes (drink brewing time 40-60 minutes) hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Drinks to soothe an uncomfortable stomach

  • Drinks to drink the day after drinking alcohol

  • Drinks to drink after eating a lot

  • Drinks to drink when you're feeling upset

  • Drinks to drink when pouring the next day after overeating

  • Basic drinks to lighten the body

  • Drinks that reduce swelling of the face

  • Drinks to lighten legs

  • Drinks using red beans, corn whiskers, and psyllium husk

  • A drink that invigures

  • Drinks that keep my body moisturized

  • Drinks that give you more energy and keep your body moisturized

  • Bonus drinks

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic Chinese Medicine Theory

I want to explain a very basic theory that you can understand by listening to the class

Choosing materials

I'm going to look at what kind of food to choose and what function each food has.

Herbal drink blending

I'll learn how to combine ingredients that suit my body

How to make herbal drinks

You'll learn how to brew drinks with blended ingredients

How to drink herbal drinks

I'm going to learn how to drink freshly made herbal drinks.

Hallo I'm Tae Rin, the creator!

Tairin is'Make towns and countries shineIt means”. With the hope that what I do can brighten people's lives, 'Tae LinI named it “.

I am Chinese pharmacistIt is Doctor of PharmacyIt's. After graduating from my master's degree and doctorate, I worked as a researcher at two companies studying disease mechanisms or evaluating the efficacy and pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. Since leaving the company, I have been running a Chinese pharmacy. ever Through what I have studied and experienced The class starts with the hope that it will help the students in their livesI was able to do it.

Have you heard of an agricultural product called “astragalus”?

Ginseng, astragalus, and jujube are included in the samgyetang we usually eat. Among the agricultural products classified as food, there are over 100 kinds of agricultural products that are also used in Chinese medicine. These ingredients can be prepared and eaten as food. Learn about the characteristics of the ingredients through the class and make a herbal drink that suits our body.

Drinks that lighten my body

The picture is an all-in-one kit!

On the internet, at a supermarket, etc. obtainable Drinks that can help lighten the body with foodI'm going to make one. I designed a curriculum so that you can enjoy a little bit about the strange theory of Chinese medicine.

Can be used as a drink How to choose materials, scientific and herbal properties of materials I would like to explain the like. Go further and apply what you've learned The recipe for a drink that makes the body lighterI'll let you know.

Use your knowledge of Chinese medicine

Find the drink you need

In this class, I'm not going to study all the theories covered in these books, but only the very basic theory for making drinks that lighten the body. Searching for information on ingredients on the Internet, and being able to select, buy, and enjoy the ingredients themselvesThis is the goal of this class.

'A drink to soothe an uncomfortable feeling”, 'Drinks that lighten the body ', “Drinks to make up for lack of energy” We make drinks that suit the situation. Along with how to make drinks, all the students Applying it according to the situationI would also like to tell you about


So as not to be unfamiliar anymore

I paid attention to the interior so that visitors to an unfamiliar herbal pharmacy could feel comfortable. On the occasion of this class More familiar with various ingredientsI want it to be.

I studied and researched Chinese medicine and Yangyang medicine. I decided to hold this class based on my experience. I tried to explain unfamiliar theories easily. All the students, even at home I hope you can take care of your health while making and eating drinks Please.



Taeirin oriental

Taeirin oriental

Hallo This is Tae Lin. 🤗

After I graduated from my Ph.D., I worked as a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. I currently run a Chinese medicine store because I want to do something that helps people more directly.

ProduceI would like to greet you in class 101 with content that uses to make drinks that can be beneficial to health.

Thank you 🙇‍♂️







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