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Spanish cuisine delivered locally
24 Class Projects

It takes about 15 to 60 minutes (excluding broth) hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Gambas Al Ahiyo

  • Gambas croquet

  • Party mussels

  • Spanish pickled mussels

  • Basque-style steamed seafood

  • Cod meat paste

  • Galician hornbill

  • Garlic octopus sautéed

  • Spanish omelette

  • Spanish french fries, bravas

  • Romesco sauce and application

  • Aglioli sauce and application

  • Pan con tomate

  • Seasonal fruit gazpacho

  • Salmorejo

  • Spinach Chickpea Stew

  • Two kinds of egg spinach dish

  • Stir-fried nuts and spinach

  • Chorizo samgyeopsal stew

  • Super simple chorizo

  • Seafood paella

  • Limited Express Hotel Sangria

  • Crema Catalana

  • Milk fry

Skills You’ll Learn

The real taste of Spain

Here are the main points to make the most of the Spanish flavor

Teach the secrets of Michelin chefs

We share actual Michelin recipes and tips from the world's top class restaurants

Tapas, the flower of Spanish cuisine

Learn the true meaning of tapas and the tapas menus representing Spain

An upgraded version of a well-known domestic dish

Learn tips for upgrading familiar menus such as gambas, tortillas, and gazpacho

A little-known home-style menu

Learn about the gem “Spanish home-cooked food” menus that only locals know

How to eat more deliciously

I'll show you the applied versions of the menus I learned in class and how to eat more deliciously

Plating in various situations

Learn about plating in various situations such as menu-specific, context-specific, and bowl-specific

Harmonious flavor composition

I will show you the flavor combinations that can be used in a variety of ways with each menu and ingredients

The story of the Spanish table

I'll tell you interesting stories about the menu, such as regional characteristics and ingredients

Hallo I'm Lee Sang-hoon, a Spanish chef.

I couldn't forget the charm of tapas that I experienced during my trip to Spain a long time ago, so I flew back and forth to Spain. I graduated from culinary school in Barcelona 5-star hotel 'Mandarin Oriental Barcelona', 2-star Michelin restaurant 'Moments', and 'Tickets', the world's best tapas restaurant ranked in the top 20 global restaurant rankings for 3 consecutive yearsI have gained experience in the like. As a national paella chef Selected as the invited chef for the 2021 World Paella World Cup finalsIt also became.

At a time when the Corona crisis becomes serious, I'm leaving the kitchen for a while and sharing information about Spanish food and culture through various activities. Through universities, cultural centers, and businesses Gastronomy talk, online/offline COOKING CLASS Progress, Korean restaurants and Pop-up collaboration Progress, with Spanish food and beverage brands Various collaborations, Milk kit R&D participation, Spanish Food Road column Contribution, as an advisor to Modu Tour Participate in travel product development I'm having a busy time.

Leading global trends

The unique appeal of Spanish cuisine

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate and the influence of the ocean surrounding the peninsula, Spain is a paradise of ingredients known even in EuropeIt's. Thanks to a variety of recipes full of individuality from region to region, the colors of Islam that ruled the Iberian Peninsula for about 800 years, the awakening of genius chefs, and government support policies, Spanish cuisine is now refined. Currently, we are building our own unique field Great interest and attention in the global gastronomy marketWe are receiving it.

The reason I personally fell in love with Spanish food is The fact that the recipes and ingredients are not heterogeneous, can make full use of the exotic feel, and it fits well with Korean tastesThis is because I was very impressed. It's also because I was fascinated by the appeal of the tapas introduced below.

My Spanish restaurant of the future

I would like to introduce the menu to you.

This class I tried to create a curriculum that can bring out the local flavors of Spain with ingredients that are easily available in Korea. I would like to share the menu composition and saved recipes I was preparing to launch my own Spanish restaurant in Korea in the future. Selected after such a long period of worry, We are proud that these are the best menus for cooking in Korea.

Each chapter is structured based on the main ingredients, and from the perspective of the students We have prepared to reduce the burden on purchasing ingredients and processing leftover ingredients as much as possible.

The flower of Spanish food

I'll tell you about tapas (tapas).

Tapas is any food served on a small plateIt can be called. This is a form of food and a type of food culture that originated in Spain. Tapas are consumed in various forms, such as snacks before meals, at gatherings with friends, and as a snack for mixed drinks. In this class, along with the true meaning of tapas A variety of tapas-style foodHere are some tips on how to transform a meal menu into a tapas style.

The real taste of Spain

This class represents easy and fun Spanish cuisine, but there are some menus that take some time and effort First, I'd like to show you how to create authentic flavors. This is because paella, for example, is overlooked by many people, but only painstakingly made from the broth can bring out the proper flavor.

Mariage with alcohol

Even how to serve sangria

In the middle of the class, we will also be giving tips on how to mix (pair) with alcohol so that you can enjoy wonderful dishes even more deliciously. From wine to beer, makgeolli, and soju. Don't miss out on the Mariage (pairing) proposed by Chef Ajugain. Also, Sangria, Queen of the Beach Premium sangria recipes found in 5-star hotelsWe will also let you know.

The local atmosphere of Spain and

Even storytelling

The title of this class is “Spanish cuisine delivered locally.” For students I want to convey the vividness of Spain even a little bit, the atmosphere outside the studioI'm also planning to include a little bit of it. It is said that Spanish food is difficult to explain without the stories of each region with strong individuality. Entertaining storytelling from a Spanish food columnistIn addition, let's prepare a class that is fun for the eyes and ears.

Food trip to Spain

Are you ready?

I also started cooking as a hobby, so I know the hearts of the students very well. You can share it with your loved ones Fun and tasty dishesLet's work hard to prepare. I'll share with you a fun and new experience of Spanish cuisine. Are you ready? We will embark on a Spanish food trip that satisfies all five senses. ¡Vamos!



Lee Sanghoon

Lee Sanghoon

¡Hola! Hallo From Spain, the land of hot sun and passion Chef, columnist, food guideI'm Lee Sang-hoon, a Spanish chef working as.

presently The world is paying attention to Spanish foodI'm doing it. “Gazpacho” has become synonymous with cold vegetable soup, and “Gambas al ajillo” is more often seen on Korean dining tables. I traveled all over Spain and wanted to understand the “context” in which traditional local foods and recipes were born.

too Worked at Michelin restaurants and five-star hotels in Barcelona, the center of global gastronomyIn addition, we have expanded the spectrum of “Spanish flavors” through a variety of recipes upgraded with modern techniques and creative combinations.

Based on the love and research for the food “paella” shared with many people Selected as Korea's representative paella chef certified by the Spanish Tourism Board Yes, we have been invited as the final 10 chefs of the 2021 World Paella World Cup, and are working on various projects such as showcasing paella incorporating Samgyetang.

In this class In order to be able to easily match the authentic taste of Spain delivered locally Configure. The menus we have often come across will point out points that can bring out the flavor even more, and we will show you how to easily make jewel-like menus that have not yet been introduced to Korea with surrounding ingredients.

I'll tell you in the middle A vibrant local atmosphere, Michelin recipes, and in-depth storytelling from a columnist specializing in Spanish foodUntil, Lee Sang-hoon's A Spanish food tour that satisfies all five senses, is about to begin. ¡Vamos!



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