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SNPE body reset project. Regain balance with spinal exercises!


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6 Class Projects

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Proper posture exercises to restore balance to the whole body

  • Applied actions to strengthen the core and correct muscle asymmetry

  • Aerobic exercise+fascia relaxation routine

  • Learn how to self-massage

  • Region-specific self-balancing

  • Core strengthening exercises

Skills You’ll Learn

Self-condition check

I will improve my physical condition and learn how to manage my physical and mental health.


Self-balancing of the face, shoulders, waist, pelvis, and legs is performed in accordance with the principles of orthodontics.

Strengthen core, increase strength, reduce body fat

Learn exercise routines that strengthen core muscles and reduce unwanted body fat

Fascia relaxation, aerobic exercise

Learn healthy spine dance routines to relax tight muscles and fascia in the body.

100 Day Habit Shaping SNPE

Create proper posture habits by recording and observing your changing appearance every day.

My body hardened by stress at work or study

Are your neck and shoulders usually stiff and your shoulders curled inward? Don't your legs swell every day due to a straight back, a crooked pelvis, or bent legs? Every time you get sick, it's expensive to solve it with hydrotherapy or sports massage every time you get sick. You decided to start exercising for these reasons, but were you worried about what kind of exercise you should do?

So I was worried about SNPE.

A way to gather the benefits of various sports at once!

SNPE stands for Self Natural Posture Exercise, which is an exercise to restore the natural curve of the spine on one's own. SNPE Special belt and spinal exercise toolsAs an exercise using Find your own body balance by combining only the benefits of yoga, pilates, and fitness It's a new concept of self-therapy exercise.

You can do it yourself!

With SNPE's unique tools

삐뚤어진 자세·잘못된 운동습관은 고관절, 골반의 변형과 통증의 원인이 됩니다.

▶ Crooked posture and incorrect exercise habits cause hip and pelvic deformation and pain.

It gently relaxes tight inner muscles and fascia, and creates a C-shaped curve, which is the natural spine curve of the neck and waist Wave pillows and It relaxes stiff inner muscles more delicately DanasonIt uses. Wave pillows and danason are self-exercise therapy tools that help the spine to correct itself.

만성통증, 스트레스감소 12주간의 변화 (6개월 이상 만성통증 겪고 있는 여성 대상)

▶ 12-week change in chronic pain and stress reduction (for women who have been experiencing chronic pain for 6 months or more)

Accumulated 100,000 offline studentsSNPE that solved the problem of For the first time, I met you in an online class through Class 101!

SNPE 100-day body reset Through challenges

Feel the positive changes in your body and mind.

I'll help you follow the basics of what you need to prepare for the “100 Day Body Reset SNPE Challenge”, basic movements, and basic tools.. For those who usually have a stiff neck or shoulders and are curled inward, a straight waist or a crooked pelvis, those who suffer from bent legs, and those who do not get rid of pain even after going to a lot of orthodontic treatments or massages I'm going to get to know my body accurately and gradually find balance.

It is designed so that even those who are new to SNPE can easily follow it, and those who have done SNPE home before will be able to properly learn proper body alignment and movement stimulation points. Using the SNPE posture analysis smartphone application, I will determine my current body shape for myself and find out which part of my body is stiff and stiff. In other words, you'll learn how to manage your own body.

Using proper posture exercises using leg belts and SNPE tools for neck, shoulders, waist, and pelvis I'll show you the principles of self-relaxation of hardened muscles and how to exercise them in detail, from basics to application methods.

  • Check the posture of the neck, shoulders, waist, and pelvis and use of tools
  • Exercises for crooked shoulders, round shoulders, and straight necks
  • How to maintain proper posture in daily life that can be practiced in everyday life
  • Various exercise tips to succeed in the 100-day challenge
  • Body Balancing Routine
  • Strength training routines to correct full body asymmetry
  • A daily routine you can use every day

If the pain becomes chronic, your mood will drop and your personality will change, but if you get in the right shape while doing SNPE, your physical strength will improve and your confidence will increase. Experience positive changes in body and mind with SNPE. Let's create a 100-day miracle together with SNPE.:)

The SNPE representative lecturer made it himself.

Book <SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercises> Dr. Yoon Jiyu, the author and SNPE major professor, has spent many years of special corporate lectures, SNPE lecturers, and classes Self-balancing know-how was carefully included in every class video. In class 101, I'll show you the most efficient exercises created by Dr. Jiyu Yoon in detail.

If you record day by day

It's going to be different before you know it.

Record the changing state of your body and mind every day while doing SNPE exercises. Exercise will be much more fun. Put a circle sticker after every day of exercise and write down the amount of exercise that day If you use Diary, it will be a successful body reset challenge.

Only in class 101!

Find all the essential tools for the class at once.

Meet SNPE's official certification tools at once through the 'All-In-One Package' for this class! We have specially prepared for more people to meet SNPE!

For those who will take the SNPE class

I support the 100-day body reset challenge.

Steadiness is more difficult than special.
The process of changing one's own body while training SNPE
It must be observed and recorded every day.
Only then can we develop willpower and achieve the desired goals.
When you continue to practice SNPE of choice, focus, and repetition
You can experience miraculous changes in body and mind.

Book < SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercise > by Choi Joong-gi, Ji-yu Yoon

SNPE Intensive Class Open!

Feel free to choose the class you want according to your fitness level and preferences. If you choose a class that suits you best, you'll be 100% satisfied.



Let's try the SNPE campaign together?

1. Hello! This is SNPE!


2. Curriculum guide


3. Here's what to bring.



Time to meet me before SNPE starts

1. Self-body measurement (SNPE posture analysis app)


2. Good posture habits (standing, walking, sitting, sleeping positions)


3. Physical age test, find hidden pain


4. SNPE spinal health self-test



Learn basic balancing moves for the Body Reset Challenge

1. Full body and upper body exercise with SNPE movement 1


2. Chest balance and pelvic exercise through SNPE movement 2


3. Lower body exercise with SNPE 3 movement


4. Full body workout with SNPE movement 4


5. Neck movement through SNPE C-MOVE movement


6. Shoulder area movement with SNPE T-MOVE movement


7. Core movement through SNPE L-MOVE movement


8. Pelvic relaxation exercise with SNPE SC-MOVE movement


Basic 3

Preparing for the SNPE 100 Day Body Reset Challenge

1. How to write an SNPE 100-day challenge diary


2. Body balance, pain check, beauty! Tips for catching three rabbits


3. Basic Essentials Routine for the 100-Day Challenge (30 minutes)



SNPE 100-Day Body Reset Challenge Begins: Self-Condition Management

1. Week 1: The beginning of physical condition management! Finding the wrong balance of the whole body (25 min)


2. Week 1: Wave Pillow Beginner Neck, Back, and Back Relaxation (30 minutes)


3. Week 2: Neck and shoulder condition management (10 minutes)


4. Week 2: Building an SNPE Tool Relaxation Habit (29 minutes)


5. Week 3: Herniated Disc and How to Self-Manage Your Back Condition (35 minutes)


6. Week 3: Relaxation around the lower back, pelvis, and tailbone (21 minutes)


7. Week 4: Managing Your Back Imbalance (30 minutes)


8. Week 4: Managing Your Full Body Condition (40 minutes)



SNPE 100 Day Body Reset Challenge: Focus on self-body balancing for each part!

1. Week 5: Lowering the raised trapezius muscle, dry shoulder stretching, and arm line trimming (30 minutes)


2. Week 5: Correcting shoulder asymmetry and creating a smooth shoulder line (30 minutes)


3. Week 6: Building 11-character abs, Tone Up! (28 min)


4. Week 6: Get a smooth stomach with an abdominal massage (10 minutes)


5. Week 7: Find exercise stimulation points for thighs and buttocks and make apple hips (32 minutes)


6. Week 7: Focus on body balance exercises to correct the waist and pelvis! repeat! (30 minutes)


7. Week 8: Learn basic balancing movements for bent legs (O, X legs) (17 minutes)


8. Week 8: Relaxation around the thigh-knee-calf that ruins the leg line (33 minutes)


9. Week 9: Checking facial balance (24 minutes)


10. Week 9: Self-massage a saggy face (15 minutes)


11. Week 10: Learn basic pelvic and hip balancing movements (20 minutes)


12. Week 10: Eliminate hip dips and balance the pelvic line of the jar (28 minutes)



SNPE 100 Day Body Reset Challenge: A Sustainable Routine

1. Week 11: End your diet worries with an aerobic balancing dance for 10 minutes a day! (26 min)


2. Week 11: A cool full-body stretch routine from head to toe (21 minutes)


3. Week 12: Refreshing Morning, Good Morning SNPE Routine (15 minutes)


4. Week 12: Daily Habit Shaping SNPE Home Routine (50 minutes)


5. Week 12: Good Night SNPE routine for a good night's sleep (20 minutes)


Bonus chapter

The first and second early bird was sold out in 10 minutes!

1. Use Danason to press blood spots made during


2. Using wave stick+band, trapezius muscle relief, shoulder asymmetrical balance


3. Circulation management using elliptical ceramics



Congratulations on the success of the SNPE 100 Day Body Reset Challenge!

1. SNPE 100-day challenge completed! Thank you for your hard work.





Hello! I will introduce SNPE instructors.

😀 SNPE representative lecturer Yoon Jiyoo (Yoon Jiyoo)


◻ CEO of SNP Co., Ltd.

◻ Director of Korea Correct Posture Research Institute Co., Ltd.

◻ CEO of SNPE Correct Posture Society

◻ Chief Professor of SNPE Correct Posture Exercise Instructor Course, Future Convergence Education Center, Dongguk University

◻ Adjunct Professor, Kookmin University Graduate School of Sports Industry

◻ Ph.D., Physical Education, Pacific Intercontinental College (PIC)

◻ Professor of SNPE, Department of Physical Education, Pacific Intercontinental College (PIC)

◻ Director of SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercise Gangnam Center

◻ Co-author of the book “SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercise”

◻ Many SNPE proper posture spine exercise lectures at companies, government offices, and schools such as LG Electronics, Samsung Life, IBM KOREA, and Nonghyup

◻ Many broadcast appearances including KBS Yeoyuman, SBS Good Morning, TV Joseon All Moolsang, and Channel A Boomshin

[Academic Activities]

◻ Effects of the SNPE (Self Natural Posture Exercise) Program on Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in Cervical Spine and Shoulder and Joint Range of Motility (Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Education, Vol. 58, No. 6)

◻ Effects of SNPE programs on posture correction and neck pain relief for women with forward head posture (Journal of the Korean Wellness Society, Vol.15, No.2)

◻ Effects of Physical Differences in Proper Posture Exercise (SNPE) Participants on Depression: The Effects of Controlling Physical Self-Concept (Korean Journal of Sports Psychology, Vol. 31 (4))

◻ [SSCI] Effects of Pain Reduction by Self-Natural Posture Exercise on Affective Complexity in Women: The Moderating Effect of Self-Regulation (Frontiers in Psychology, Volume 11, 1317)

◻ Effects of Women's Participation in SNPE on Chronic Pain and Stress Reduction: Using a Latent Curve Model (Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Education, Vol. 58, No. 4)

◻ [SSCI] Self-Natural Posture Exercise and Pain Reduction (Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 47, e8273.)

◻ ECSS (European Sports Science Association) and ACSM (American Sports Medicine Association) SNPE research results presented

In order for those who are new to SNPE to follow, instructors specializing in SNPE pain+body shape will gather to start Class 101.:) We will show you the details of the real SNPE exercises that we have experienced firsthand, from the basics to the application. I want to share the joy of changing my body and mind in a healthy way.

Lecturers: Jung Ji-eun, Lee Min-jin, Lee Eun-kyung, Shim Eon-hye

Full-time lecturer at SNPE Gangnam Center

SNPE Level 1 Certificate

Enrolling in the SNPE Master's Program in Physical Education, Department of Physical Education, PIC University

Many SNPE lectures at companies and government offices such as Samsung Life, LG Electronics, IBM, Apple, and Fire Department




















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