Use a Tablet and PaintTool SAI
2 Class Projects

It takes about 1-10 hours to complete one class project.

  • Create Character Sheet for Your Original Character

  • Character Illustration

Skills You’ll Learn

Let's Go Through the Basics

Learn the basics of character drawing, starting with face and body

Design Your Original Character

Check out the key elements of creating originality for your character

Give an Attractive Face to Your Character

Learn how to express your character's characteristics through details like facial impressions, hair styles, etc.

Give an Attractive Body to Your Character

Use costumes and composition to make your character stand out more

Draw a Simple Background

Learn how to draw a simple background.. Even if you don't have understanding of art theories like perspective,you can still easily follow.

Check Out Various Coloring Techniques

Let's study coloring methods, from color to texture

Complete Your Character!

Using the skills you've learned so far, create your own illustration, starting from rough drawing to sketching, line drawing, and all the way to coloring.


I Draw Adorable Character Illustrations.

Hi, I'm LUSINEIL and I draw adorable character illustrations. I'm on various SNS channels and social media, and I post speed painting videon on YouTube as well. Many of you have asked me questions about drawing and if I could open a class. I'm happy to finally meet you all on CLASS101 through this amazing opportunity!

From Basic Tutorials to Advanced Content, All at Once!

This class aims to help you create your own original character and complete a full character illustration including the background. I'll share secret tips to help you do that as we go through the entire course, from basic tutorial to advanced level content. I hope to help all my classmates to have their one complete illustration by the end of the course.

“I don't know anything😢

I'll Teach You Step by Step, All From the Basics!

I'm sure for some of you this class is your time to draw. This class will cover basics of drawing, so that even drawing beginners can teach those people the basic skills they need to complete painting later in the course. Learn the basic anatomy and how to exaggerate or minimalize body features to develop your own character style.

Motivation for Drawing

Do you have a favorite character? The desire to draw your favorite character is a great motivation to draw. It could be a character from a movie, cartoon, or novel you like, or it could be an original character you came up with. However, since this is your first time trying, why don't we go for drawing your own unique character? Let's develop and complete the character as we go through the course!

How to Draw Attractive Characters, A to Z

Use the characteristic elements of the face to express the characters' personlaity and make them even more lively with hairstyle, facial expression, composition and costumes. I'll help you catch the key points and get the knack of it.

Take a Step Back From Complicated Theories

Learn to Craete Backgrounds Easily

In illustration, drawing a background is like creating a space to the character. It might sound huge, you can create a place to stand by drawing a single line. It's as simple as that. You can also fill the canvas with simple objects. Let's learn how to simply and easily create backgrounds, without using complex art theories like perspective and viewpoint.

Illustration Filled With Character’s Story

That's the goal for this class! Bring in everything you've learned through this class and create one illustration! Remember saying we'll be drafting an original character at the beginning of the class? Let's turn it into a full-on illustration. I'll walk you through the entire process, from rough drawing to sketch, line drawing, coloring, and retouching.

Are You Eager to Complete Attractive Illustrations on Your Own?

Drawing exercises such as imitating other drawings or drawing croquies are very helpful in improving your skills, but it can also make you feel overwhelemd. Everything starts from just drawing anything. I'll share my know-hows and help you complete the illustrations without learning professional skills. A nicely finished drawing will make you feel more close to drawing and nurture your desire to draw better.

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Introducing LUSINEIL’s Character Illustration Class

Chapter 01

Let’s Get Ready to Start!

Chapter 02

Let’s Start From the Basics!

Chapter 03

Character Design I

Chapter 04

Character Design II - Face

Chapter 05

Character Design III - Body

Chapter 06

Screen Composition

Chapter 07

Coloring, Tone, and Value Contrast

Chapter 08

Time to Draw Your Own Character!


Last Remarks





I'm Lucinelle and I run a speed painting channel on YouTube.

Unlike most of the YouTube videos that only show general, simplified workflow, I try to explain the actual drawing process and share my tips and know-hows.

I usually use SAI Tool, but since the tool itself is quite compatible, my tips would also be helpful for those who want to use other tools or materials.

I'm pretty much self-taught when it comes to illustration. I hope I can share useful know-hows for those of you learning illustration on your own.

Thank you!


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