Luxury financial technology is attracting attention due to the recession. The secret to making money safely and securely!



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Skills You’ll Learn

Secrets of the luxury goods retail market that no one told

We will tell you about the hidden structure of the luxury goods distribution market and financial technology methods

How to buy luxury goods cheaply and safely

We will tell you about luxury goods with many fake goods and scams, cheap and safe ways to buy them, and a list of companies and know-how

Choosing luxury goods for sale based on data

We will clearly analyze how to monetize luxury goods through sales data

Generating profit by outsourcing luxury goods sales

We will tell you how to entrust the sale of luxury goods and the process of generating revenue

Have you heard of “luxury finance”?

“There is no recession in the 'luxury market'”There is a saying. If it's booming, there's a lot of money, and if it's a recession, the luxury market is good because of scarcity. I mean, the economy is difficult “The price of luxury goods has dropped”I've never heard of it. Even luxury goods are several times higher than the rate of increase in prices every year “Shatech” “Role Tech”The word “came into being. As a result, there are also investors who specialize only in luxury goods technology. However, it is true that the market for “luxury goods technology” is getting bigger and bigger, and there are certain opportunities to make money in the future, but the problem is that it is a closed market with a high entry barrier and is open only to a few people. There aren't enough places to learn or learn properly here. That's why I created it. “Luxury financial technology” that even novice investors can learn easily and properly , I will inform you in a systematic manner.

Luxury financial technology that is easier than stocks

The basic of the basics of “luxury goods technology” is background knowledge about “luxury goods.” If you only know the right things about luxury goods You can do financial technology stably and steadily without worrying about being tied to money like stocks or real estate. Of course, luxury goods markets are full of scams and fake goods. However, if you know the right eyes to judge this, a market of opportunity opens up. It was a luxury goods market that was rarely disclosed, and only people who knew were able to invest and do business, but if you study properly, you can get an easier and more stable profit than stocks.

From fake goods controversy to sales routes

We will properly disclose the secrets of monetization of “luxury goods technology.”

We'll tell you how to solve the financial risks of luxury goods you think about, and how to become a reliable financial technology. If you participate in this class, you will be able to monetize luxury goods without being a seller. In addition to this, parts that only people in the industry know, even people in the industry don't know will be revealed. Start as a stable luxury financial investor with financial technology rather than luxury goods consumption Learn the secrets of stable monetization!

What makes this class special

❶ This is the first “luxury financial technology” course

Until now, there has never been a place that has told us in such detail about luxury goods technology. This is because luxury goods distribution was a secret area, and it is a blue ocean market that only people who know can do it. This class is the first “luxury goods financial technology” course, and we will teach you the easiest and most convenient way to do luxury goods financial technology. Get the best investment opportunities with me

❷ “The secrets of luxury goods business are unraveled” e-book rating 4.9

eBooks “Unraveling the secrets of luxury goods business“After reading, many people are on the path to success with me. A rating of 4.9 proves its worth.

▲ “The secrets of luxury goods business are unraveled” review

Course effect

  • I will tell you about the luxury goods market that no one told you about.
  • We will show you how to make reliable luxury goods financial technology without being bothered by fake goods
  • As a stable luxury financial investor, we pave the way for luxury sellers with additional profits

Recommended target

  • Those who want financial technology that is safer than stocks and more reliable than real estate
  • Those who want to generate profits from luxury goods rather than luxury goods consumption
  • A person who is an employee but wants to generate additional income



Make money with “financial technology” rather than luxury goods or “consumption”


Profitable luxury financial technology without sales


Stories of 'real' luxury goods that are not revealed to the world


Buy luxury goods, be sure at a reasonable price!


Luxury stocks that are easier to choose than stocks


Monetization strategies through luxury goods consignment sales

Take your life as well as your assets to the next level with luxury goods!

Immerse yourself in the ever-growing luxury goods market




Hallo I'm Eddie, a luxury businessman. I went to Europe 8 years ago Starting with a hand carry where you buy directly, you can buy in parallel with a purchasing agency, and now you are running a luxury wholesale platform called “Match Thrux”. In the luxury goods business, we have created a luxury goods monetization system with know-how gained directly from “a to z”. Many people want to do luxury goods business, but they can't get into it because they don't know the know-how. How can I do it easilyI will clearly tell you how it is possible to generate revenue from luxury goods technology in a luxury goods market that cannot be reached by crabs.

🛫 Biography

  • (Korea) CEO of Dyla Co., Ltd.
  • Director of BULLANSEO SAS Corporation (France)

Luxury businessman with experience in local buying/parallel import/luxury goods wholesale platforms

- Match Lux luxury goods B2B wholesale platform operation

- Quality assurance solution Luxray service operation

📜 Patent application: Method for providing a history management guarantee service 10-2022-0089384

📚 Books

  • The secrets of luxury goods business are unraveled. (2021)
  • The Temptation of Covert Marketing (2013)


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