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Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

CFO's R&R and work methodology

We provide knowledge for finance team employees who dream of becoming CFO in the medium to long term.

How to set OKR in the financial sector

Learn the meaning of Finance OKR and how to set it.

Financial Risk Management Act

Here's how to manage risk for startup finance managers.

Startup stock option management

As a startup representative and financial manager, you can learn how to manage stock options.

Definition and types of policy funds

It solves the definition and types of policy funds, as well as follow-up management and strategies.

๐Ÿ“ I'm Roy, CEO of Creative Partners.

Hallo I'm Roy, CEO of Creative Partners, which provides one-stop management consulting services such as finance, government grants, and financing beyond tax accounting services for the success of creators and startups.

While running an accounting firm and acting as a CFO for various startups, I have been thinking a lot about and improving the CFO's R&R and work methodology. I created this class for finance team employees who are preparing to become startup finance managers (CFO) with my know-how.

๐Ÿ“ Setting up a 'Finance OKR' that maximizes corporate value

The lecture is loud Finance OKRet Risk managementIt will be divided into.

'Finance OKR' I think this is the first class in Korea that deals with.

As such, it is difficult to find classes dealing with OKRs in the field of finance or business management. We'll tell you in detail why OKRs are needed in the finance and management sector and how they can be applied. I prepared the class with the intention of pioneering a new field.

๐Ÿšจ Preventing risk factors through effective 'risk management'

Early startups are exposed to risk in a variety of places, including finance, labor, legal affairs, and tax. If risks occur or persist, startups that do not have much experience may not be able to respond effectively and may be on the verge of survival. How to identify and manage these risks is specific and can be applied directly to practice 'Risk management'I'll let you know easily.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Classes that improve the performance of startups

I hope that the experience and know-how that has been intensely thinking and improving with representatives of more than 50 startups over a period of about 4 years will help those who want to become startup financial managers.





Hallo I'm Roy, Chief Accountant of Creative Partners.

Creative Partners has supported the success of various startups over the past 5 years through accounting and tax consulting that pursues innovation. I would like to share various experiences and know-how that I have experienced with my body through the CFO services of many companies.

Through this course, I hope that people who want to become financial managers of startups will reduce trial and error and gain a lot of insight as they grow.

[Main Biography]

  • Current) CEO of Creative Partners, Korea Certified Public Accountant
  • Present) K-ICT Bon2 Global Center Accounting Consulting Partner
  • Present) Signed a tax accounting business agreement with Sandbox Networks Co., Ltd.
  • Former) KMPG Samjeong Accounting Corporation and Tax Division





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