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Skills You’ll Learn

A vision for a minimalist life

Learn kitchen maintenance tips and tableware selection tips for a minimalist life.

Organizational habit tips

The key to organizing is the environment! Learn how to create an easy-to-clean environment where you can get into the habit of organizing.

How to clean kitchen appliances

Learn how to keep household appliances that make life easier.

Kitchen management law

Learn tips for maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen.

Kitchen Utensil Control Act

Learn tips on how to take care of dishes, starting with how to dry kitchen utensils, which is as important as washing them.

What kind of space do you live in?

Have you noticed that actions, thoughts, and even tastes can change depending on the space you live in? Things that seem to pile up all the time, and cleaning that doesn't end even if you put them away, may actually be a bridle that comes from a space that isn't properly organized every time.

Hello, I'm Shoottoo, and I'm Heejo, a creator aiming for a minimalist life.

In this class, we'll share our kitchen cleaning routine and organization method. Are you curious about the satisfaction that comes from a well-organized space? It's ironic, but feel the more you empty, the more you fill up, and the happiness that comes from a neat and clean living space.

To be able to live in a space that is twice as spacious

Even in the same space, the remaining space varies depending on how you store it and how you organize it. Also, if you look at things while thinking about their various uses, you can see things that can be reduced altogether. In this class, I'll also introduce a minimalist perspective on living.

Once the cleaning of the LG DIOS Objet Collection dishwasher participating in this class is completed, it becomes a safe temperature after water-cooled condensation drying Doors automatically open to release moisture and odorsI will. After the door opens automatically Blows hot air so that moisture is quickly blown away It dries leftover moisture in a dry manner. You don't have to wait until the dishwasher shuts down to keep the door open for dry drying without leaving any residue, so please return it whenever you want before going to bed or before going out. Your life will also become twice as relaxed.

How to properly clean with ingredients that are easy to obtain

Making it easy for everyone to get started A proper cleaning process without extensive know-how or hard-to-find materialsIt contains. Learn how to properly clean parts that make life easier, such as range hoods, microwave ovens, and dishwashers, but are easy to miss when cleaning.

I'm sure everyone has tried the experience of washing dishcloths clean every day and making them smell as soon as they are dried. As such, the kitchen is an environment where bacteria can easily proliferate, so proper cleaning and sterilization is important. True Steam for LG DIOS dishwashers has small particles that effectively penetrate between dishes and sterilize 99.999% of 28 types of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Taking care of my surroundings is like taking care of myself

The habit of cleaning up right after cooking or washing dishes right after a meal is not a big deal, but it's one of the hardest things to do, but once you get into the habit, you can feel that your life is getting better. Imagine falling asleep and waking up in a clean space without having to do any dishes. It's not a big deal, but doesn't it make you feel a lot better?

It's also easier to focus on yourself in a clean and tidy space where only precious items are left. In this class, we're here to help you fully use the time and energy you've been wasting when you're surrounded by so many things!



LG DIOS dishwasher

LG DIOS dishwasher

Because both washing and drying are true

A dishwasher that never existed in the world


How to use and manage 100% of DIOS dishwashers

Learn tips for kitchen hygiene

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