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Virgo or Scorpio? The secret of constellations that make tarot easier <Learn Tarot by Constellations>


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Skills You’ll Learn

Constellation knowledge showing the meaning of tarot at a glance

Learn what constellations and planets mean, and how they relate to Tarot.

Practical interpretation principles that allow direct reading of tarot

Learn how to brainstorm and apply the meaning of 78 Tarot cards.

A versatile arrangement method that can answer any question

I'll show you the array method I actually use.

Unique reading know-how unique to Hababyeolta

Let's share how to draw stories from cards that have been accumulated over many years of practice.

별자리로 배우는 타로 클래스 OPEN

▶ Tarot class for learning by constellations OPEN

색다른 방법, 쉬운 방법으로 배우는 별자리 타로

▶ Learn constellation tarot in a different and easy way

타로가 쉬워지는 마법, 별자리로 배우는 이색타로

▶ A magic that makes tarot easier, and a unique tarot learned by constellations

Virgo, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius..

Do you remember the horoscope myths or horoscopes you had fun watching when you were a kid? In this class, we are going to learn Tarot using constellations that are so familiar and fun to us.

Constellation Tarot frees you from memorizing symbols and keywords

There are so many symbols and keywords in Tarot. Beginners learning tarot for the first time often find it difficult to memorize all of the extensive keywords in tarot cards.

The reason keywords and symbols are important is because they convey meaning.
This means that if you know the meaning of the cards properly, you can interpret them without having to memorize them.

8 years of know-how as a class!

Hello, I'm Tarot Master Hava Byeolta, who runs the YouTube channel <Sky, Wind, Stars, and Taro>. It's been about 20 years since I bought my first tarot card, and it's been 8 years since I studied horoscopes.

Are those of you who are just starting out with tarot thinking about this?

  • I'm confused about the meaning of each card
  • It's difficult to interpret it according to the situation

When I first started learning tarot, I had the same concerns you had.

Once you know the secrets of constellations

Tarot will be unknowingly easy.

In response to my concerns, “Eureka!” What brought me a moment was unexpectedly studying constellations. It was an experience where the fog was lifted, the ambiguity was resolved, and everything became clear.

This is because the meanings of the Tarot and the constellations correspond. The system for responding to the meaning of tarot and constellations is a system established by Waite and Crowley, the founders of modern tarot. In a nutshell, constellations can be said to be one of the fundamentals of interpreting tarot cards.

All of you are with me Once you've explored the world of constellations, you'll begin to see the meanings of cards that seemed difficult.

A world of constellations that will make you a special tarot reader

Constellations are great as a means of learning Tarot, but they are also extremely valuable in themselves It's a treasure trove of symbols and wisdom. Therefore, after learning the constellations, the ability to read symbols also increases dramatically. I'll teach you the world of constellations, the four elements, and the principles of numerology in an easy and fun way to make you a differentiated tarot reader.

Practical reading principles that allow direct reading of tarot cards

❓ I know what this card is, so what's the answer to my question?

Have you ever learned tarot, but after drawing a card, it was difficult to interpret it according to the situation? Able to completely solve your concerns How to brainstormwill be released! It's an effective way to learn the meaning and interpretation of tarot cards.

I will look at the core meaning of the card in three dimensions using the constellation, and learn about various ways to apply it in actual reading. If you understand the card through brainstorming, no matter what questions come up Interpret flexibly like an expertYou'll be able to do it!

A relationship? A career path? money?

A versatile arrangement method that can answer any question

Now that you've learned the meaning of cards, it's time to weave a story with multiple cards, right? Learn various spread methods, including a 3-card spread.

Among them, the 3-card arrangement method is the basis for all spreads, and it is also my favorite method for practical consultations. It's easy, answers to any question, and can add layers of depth through limitless expansion. I'll tell you one by one how I actually open the cards and ask for answers during the consultation.

Even reading know-how filled with hands-on experience unique to Haba Byeolta

Just as language is an art between lines, tarot can also be said to be a contextual art. When multiple cards are grouped together and understood, the real meaning is revealed, and the context of the overall arrangement begins to come in, as if trees are gathered together to form a forest.

It is an advanced reading technology that can perform sophisticated and rich customized storytelling by understanding the context of the arrangement.
Experience tarot reading at a different level.



Welcome to Haba Byeolta Class!

1. Welcome to the Constellation Tarot Class!


2. I need things like this to prepare for class


3. Q&A before the start of the full-scale class - About image reading, reverse use, and future prediction



Taro has arrived! Let's prepare to be a leader?

1. How to mix, draw, and spread tarot cards


2. The basic framework of interpretation learned by reading one card


3. A must-have mindset to become a tarot leader



The secret key to understanding tarot, basic knowledge of constellations 1

1. Structure and relationship of the Tarot and the constellations


2. Get acquainted with the horoscope chart


3. Understanding 10 planets



The secret key to understanding tarot, basic knowledge of constellations 2

1. Understanding the 12 constellations 1


2. Understanding the 12 constellations 2


3. Four elements and numerology understood as a tree of life



Practical interpretation Up! Tarot Card Learning by Constellation Part 1

1. Understand the meaning of cards 0 to 4


2. Understand the meaning of cards 5 to 10


3. Understand the meaning of cards 11 to 15


4. Understand the meaning of cards 16 to 21



Practical interpretation Up! Tarot cards to learn from the constellations Part.2

1. [Wands Suit 1] Ace and character cards


2. [Wands Suit 2] Pip Card and Constellation of Fire


3. [Swords Suit 1] Ace and character cards


4. [Swords Suit 2] Pip Card and Constellation of Wind



Practical interpretation Up! Tarot Card Learning by Constellation Part 3

1. [Cups Suit 1] Ace and character cards


2. [Cups Suit 2] Pip Card and Water Constellation


3. [Penturing Suit 1] Ace and character cards


4. [Pentacle Suit 2] Pip Card and Earth's Constellation



Now let's start reading in earnest?

1. The art of questioning, and 2 reading cards


2. [Reading Know-how 1] Understand the meaning of cards in groups


3. [Reading Know-how 2] Use images and symbols like this



Simple but powerful white paper on the practical use of 3 spread cards

1. Various ways to use 3 cards Spread to solve all your questions


2. [Reading Know-how 3] Read the context of a spread - consider questions, view elements and numbers, and use main cards


3. [Reading Know-how 4] Expanding the spread of 3 cards - Refining the story with supplementary cards



Advanced Reading, Reading Abundant with Various Spreads

1. Horseshoe Spread and Celtic-Cross Spread comprehensively judge the situation


2. Love tarot spread for those of you who are curious about love luck


3. The flower of the constellation Tarot, Cnidium is also a New Year's horoscope spread



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Congratulations on being the Tarot Constellation leader:)!





Hello, I'm Hababyeolta, a Horoscope Tarot YouTuber.

Tarot is a very attractive tool if you can interpret it properly. It is the clearest mirror that reflects a person's mind and situation when the heart is worried and troubled.

However, when I first learned Tarot, there was a time when I was confused. No matter how much I read the book and stared at the symbols, it was hard for me to understand what the cards were saying or what to do.

It wasn't until I learned the constellations that I was able to have a deep understanding of Tarot, but in retrospect, it wasn't difficult to understand the principles, but it's a pity to think that I've been lost for a long time.

If there are people like me from the past day who are struggling to understand Tarot, I would like to make it easy and fun for me to understand clearly and clearly. If you want to have a proper conversation with tarot cards, learn with me. I'll let you know very clearly and clearly.

하바별타 : 하늘과 바람과 별과 타로

하바별타 : 하늘과 바람과 별과 타로


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