Digital drawing/mini goods production
8 Class Projects

It takes about Estimated 20 to 40 minutes to complete one class project.

  • postcards

  • posters

  • Seal (piece) sticker

  • Domusong sticker

  • masking tape

  • Mochi memo paper

  • cell phone case

  • (+ Application) Decorating Your Diary

Skills You’ll Learn

Draw a scene with your own character

Build your own character, draw scenes, and build density!

Coloring in CMYK mode

Finish by coloring in CMYK mode and adding completeness!

Laying the foundation for printing (+ post-processing)

Printing techniques, tailoring, printing, post-processing, etc.. It's not difficult at all!

Decorate your diary with the goods you made!

From the inlay to the top, I can now decorate my diary with the goods I made!

Imagine everyday life where my paintings are melted!

Hello, I'm Lee Gong, an illustrator who lives a daily life filled with my paintings!

I was working as a graphic designer in a design studio, and I randomly left the company because I wanted to draw my own paintings. It was reckless when I think about it now, but I don't regret the choice I made at that time.

I loved having fun painting alone and playing with the inkjet printer I had at home. I try to pick a picture by changing the size of the picture, try drawing a name sticker to put on a laptop on a label paper, and make a letter paper to write to my friends. The fun of creating something of your own with your own picturesI began to feel it. From this point on, little by little, I began making small goods with my own paintings.

At first, I made the most simple postcards, posters, etc., with a focus on paper goods. More and more people liked my goods, and the sight of my paintings melting into someone's life made me feel overwhelmed. Above all, as a painter, my little picture is someone's Precious timeIf we could do it together, it would be more than that happyI thought there was no

As a result, the number of products increased one by one, and over time, there was a space full of goods that I touched. With me The same dreamI think I would be very happy if this online class, regardless of time and place, could help.

What do you learn?

Let's complete a small and cute “I”

In order to draw myself, I need to know more about myself than anyone else. I've used it until now diaryI often draw pictures based on them, but I look at myself that day in my diary observingI'll take the time to do that. When I face myself intermittently while asking questions about what I like and what I don't like One characterI think it will be completed.

Each of you individualityTo be able to create a character with this Photoshopet illustrators We'll use tools to grasp shapes, features, and movements together. Also, while coloring with your own bouncing colors and drawing the background, One perfect illustrationI'll show you how to complete it.

Create one-of-a-kind “me” goods

The range of goods that can be produced based on printing is inexhaustibleI'll do it. There are many differences in manufacturing methods depending on the material, product, and environment. Fundamentals of printingIf you understand, it's not difficult at all.

With me, foundation-based 8 types of goodsLet's make it step by step together. From digital drawing to ordering prints, tips to be aware of, and what I've experienced in making goods Experience and know-howI'll let you know step by step based on these questions.

Complete your precious “I” diary

Create and decorate your own diary using the finished goods! Fill the inlay with a postcard, write with mochi memo paper, and decorate it beautifully with masking tape and stickers!

Filled with my paintings My precious diary! Let's make it with me!

Let's melt my paintings into my sparkling everyday life!

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Digital Drawing 1: Characters and Forms


Digital Drawing 2: Coloring for a soft print


Create a postcard+ poster!


Making mochi memo paper!


Making masking tape!


Making mini mini stickers (engraving) stickers!


Post-print processing that will make your goods sparkle even more!


Create your own diary, from paper to paper!

Bonus chapter

Making a cell phone case!


Sogeun Sogeun, the story of an unfulfilled painting of science and technology!




Hello, illustrator scienceThat's it!

I usually draw pictures inspired by diaries containing small, flimsy, but sparkling anecdotes from everyday life. I have been working on collaborations with many brand companies for fashion goods and living products, and I am fascinated by the work of melting pictures on products. It is a current illustration goods brand by commercializing the paintings drawn in this way STANDARD LOVE DANCE (STANDARD LOVE DANCE)It operates.

I love my paintings so much. I am especially happy when I see my paintings everywhere in my life. At first, I wanted to hang a picture on my wall, so I tried printing it in a large size, and I think it wasn't the beginning of making goods when I drew a picture and made a postcard to write a letter to a friend. After that, I began to feel more and more attracted to the work of melting pictures onto products. When I saw the paintings that had been stopped on paper blended into someone's life in various ways, it just seemed like the paintings came to life. Starting with this fun, I am working on product collaboration and product production in various fields.

I would like to show you step by step how to draw pictures that will melt into the goods and make your own limited small goods. And above all, I hope you also enjoy the fun you feel when a painting is produced as a product:)

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