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Why do children who write well also study well?

This is because it fosters “the ability to think”!

Writing is the last area developed after listening, reading, and speaking, and requires a high level of 'thinking ability'.

It's the most necessary ability in the world for our children to live in the future.

“Thinking muscles” are developed through writing activities, and the thinking, concentration, and persistence necessary to study well also develop.

I'm worried ① My child is having trouble writing

Writing is a very difficult and difficult activity even for adults.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach them to have fun getting started during elementary school so that they can continue to do it. Let me tell you how to raise a child who writes well!

Trouble ② Is it OK if I don't go to school and teach at home?

I like to set the goal of elementary school writing to “have fun writing.”

Therefore, even if you don't necessarily rely on private education, it's enough for the parents who know your child best to help and lead them little by little at home!

글 잘 쓰는 아이들의 특징▶ Characteristics of children who write well

Trouble ③ What should I do to get people interested in writing?

While I was in the denomination, I was able to observe children who like to write and write well while teaching many students.

These kids all had the same habits, and I'll tell you more about those habits in class!

부모님의 반응에 따라 글쓰기 결과가 달라져요

▶ Writing results vary depending on parents' responses

I'm worried ④ I'm not sure how to evaluate what my child wrote

When you teach writing at home, it's hard to evaluate writing like a teacher, and you don't need to.

Because the goal of writing in elementary school is to get into the habit of writing and make them like writing.

I'll show you some good feedback from my mom in class!

Reviews from senior moms

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Chapter 1

Introduction to elementary school writing

Chapter 2

To be good at writing

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Chapter 4

Making a habit (1)

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Making a habit (2)

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Making a habit (3)

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Extend (1)

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Mom's ticket feedback

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