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Use a variety of salad toppings
13 Class Projects

It takes about 20-40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Making assorted mushroom salad

  • Making PowerCop Salad for everyone on one plate

  • Noodle salad with oriental dressing

  • Making delicious potato wedges as a salad topping or as a snack

  • Quito style sweet potato grill

  • Tongro main party salad

  • Dripping tomato salad

  • Cold pasta salad

  • Making guacamole from the ingredients in the fridge

  • Wrapped salad - yuzu dressing

  • Making vegetable salsa from the ingredients in the fridge

  • Grilled avocado salad

  • Cheating Day Chicken Salad

Skills You’ll Learn

Making specialty dressing using material weighing methods

Just by measuring accurately, you can get a dressing that tastes comparable to that of a specialty store.

Preparing and grooming the basic ingredients of a salad

Here are all the essential ingredients you should include in a salad

I enjoy a different flavor every day. Making salad toppings

I make salad bento boxes with different flavors and eat them all week long using a variety of ingredients and recipes

Making a salad suitable for the occasion

Let's make salads for various topics such as party, detox, cheating day, vegan, etc.

Beautifully pack a salad lunch

Beautifully pack salad bento boxes of different shapes and sizes

Making unusual salad toppings

Try making a different salad topping from the ingredients in the fridge

Hello! Salad teacher, this is Lee Hwa Sam.

Hello! My name is Lee Hwa Sam and I have been teaching cooking classes in Ulsan for 8 years. :) I have been doing cooking classes for housewives and bridesmaids, and catering-oriented classes suitable for parties and events, and recently I have also run a store while giving lectures on salads, sandwiches, and simple meals.

Salads I started eating for health

Couldn't it be a little tastier to eat?

Due to the nature of my job, it's not easy to pack and eat on time. After class, I got into the habit of simply filling it up with fast food or skipping lunch and eating it for dinner. I don't have time to exercise I had health problems due to an unbalanced diet, and I gained about 8 kg of weight over the past 8 years.

How can I eat healthy and tasty salads?

What I started as a solution to the above problems was “salad.” I started developing a variety of recipes with the intention of trying to eat as many ingredients as I wanted to eat without being bound by a salad format that is generally commercially available, and that is just healthy and has a bad flavor with dry ingredients. Thanks to a balanced and tireless salad diet, I quickly recovered my health, and as a result, I became a salad evangelist promoting various recipes!

Meet a salad-filled everyday life.

Salads are no longer just a side menu or appetizer, but a main dish. I'm going to make a salad that is both healthy and tasty, using a variety of salads that seem to be sold at specialty stores and ingredients that are easily available.

Also, I'll show you everything from bento salads to party salads that you can serve nicely even when guests come, so you can enjoy salads anytime, anywhere. So that everyday life can be filled with salad and be enjoyable!

Because of salad anymore

You don't have to wander all over the place.

You no longer have to worry about salad dressing in front of the supermarket. I don't even have to eat the same combination of salads every time because I'm afraid of buying ingredients I don't know the flavor. You'll discover a new self of making crackling salads through new ingredients and various applications.

8 years of know-how

I've included them all in this class.

Salad is a dish that seems simple but not simple, and seems easy but not as easy as it seems. Through a lot of trial and error, I'll show you everything in this class, from dressing and ingredient combinations, salad recipes that suit the situation, and plating methods for visuals, without missing a single thing! We want to meet you in the easiest and most delicious salad class in the world through tips that are closely related to real life. We'll see you in class:)



Brunch with Liwha

Brunch with Liwha

Hello, I'm Lee Hwa Sam, who cooks happiness.:)

I run a cooking studio in Ulsan and provide cooking classes in various fields, as well as consulting on brunch menus, salad, and sandwich shops. They also have an offline store that specializes in salads.

In this lesson, I prepared a luxurious salad for those who want to open a salad specialty store, a brunch cafe, and a salad that can be a well-balanced meal for the family at home.

I'm planning to show you some of the best weapons I have, such as putting salad in a visual pack and choosing a container that won't fall behind any lunch box even if I prepare it as a picnic lunch.

There will never be a class like this before or after.

Please support me a lot:)



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