12 chapters · 4 hours 45 minutes
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With ingredients and pots that are easily available
11 Class Projects

It takes about 30-40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • [Exclusive Release] Octopus Carrot Kamameshi

  • [Exclusive release] Mentaiko wakame kamameshi

  • [Exclusive release] Mussel stew with kamameshi

  • [Exclusive release] Marbled bean sprouts kamameshi

  • Chicken curry kamameshi

  • Abalone nutritional kamameshi

  • Pork eggplant kamameshi

  • Tomato asparagus kamameshi

  • Stir-fried pork and eggplant

  • Spicy anchovy stew

  • Vinegared squid

Skills You’ll Learn

Make a hearty kamameshi menu with easy ingredients

Learn how to make amazing kamameshi without a huge preparation process.

Make your own signature kamameshi

How to use it to make a harmonious and tasty kamameshi by adding the desired ingredients

How to cook delicious rice that is just right

Learn how to cook rice that will enhance the flavor of kamameshi to the highest level.

A good side menu to eat with kamameshi

Learn a rich side menu recipe that will make kamameshi even more delicious.

Types of pots suitable for each menu

Learn the right type of pot according to the cooking method.

Those who are worried about choosing a daily menu
For those looking for a simple, nutritious and tasty menu
Finished nicely with few ingredients
I would like to introduce <kamameshi >

Bestseller in the cooking category! 8-chain record <wonderful kamameshi >

From popular recipes proven by reviews & a new menu exclusive to Class 101

You'll learn the kick of making popular recipes just as tasty as those made by Nana Table. A new recipe developed for the class is also ready! It contains plenty of detailed kamameshi know-how not found in books. If you couldn't give it a try, let's make it together now! We have prepared 8 different recipes so that you can use them for different situations. It will be a meal that will satisfy everyone from children to the elderly.

Stop worrying about the menu in 30 minutes!

Kamameshi solution where you can develop your own recipes indefinitely

There's no limit to kamameshi recipes. If you only know the principles of making it delicious, you can combine the ingredients you want to create an unusual menu, as if you were eating something you first encountered every day! It's a simple, yet versatile, and nutritious kamameshi that makes it, and everyone who eats it, will be waiting for mealtime. How can I make my own signature kamameshi A kick unique to the table that I haven't solved anywhere else! I'll let you know.

A prize full of admiration made from a bowl of rice

Are you struggling to worry about the menu for every meal these days when you spend a lot of time at home? Here are a variety of kamameshi recipes recognized by 170,000 followers. From water control methods that were difficult to check, tips for controlling fire strength and bringing out the flavor of ingredients to the maximum. Let's make a hearty prize that will make you applaud even with a bowl of rice!

Kamameshi recipes that change the ingredients you have at home in a luxurious way

The kamameshi recipe on the table doesn't use hard-to-find ingredients or difficult techniques. With the hope that anyone can watch the class and have no trouble making it, I will show you how to create the perfect taste even with easily available ingredients. With just one pot, you can make a wonderful menu that everyone will envy!

So that you can replace as many ingredients you have at home
I'll show you how to use it!

Complete with a versatile side menu! Perfect outfit

Kamameshi doesn't require a lot of side dishes, so even if you add a simple side dish, you can create a nicer and more filling table. As a food photographer, I'll also give you tips on how to capture beautiful images. It would be an obvious mealtime with just one menu.

The only type of kamameshi that will enrich your normal meal time

In my busy daily life, I take care of the health of me and my family with kamameshi, where you can pack both flavor and nutrition in one bowl. It's perfect for inviting guests, so the menu where you can show off your skills in a very simple way is kamameshi! Let's fill the table with new pleasures every time, a meal you face every day.



Yeona Table

Yeona Table

Hallo This is Yeona Table, the author of the cookbook “The Great Kamameshi.” At the same time as I got married, I was self-employed with my husband, and the time I ate at home every day was the most precious time of my work. “Kamameshi” is a menu that I started making after thinking about hearty dishes to make and eat in a short time because I wanted to spend my precious time even more meaningfully. Kamameshi is an amazing dish. Because it contains all the warmth, warmth, and warmth in one pot. Yona Table Kamameshi is made from ingredients that are easy to obtain, ingredients that are always in the refrigerator at home, but they are beautiful and diverse. I'll tell you everything from tips you might miss if you only learned to write, to the kamameshi know-how of Yeona Table that you kept hidden. Let's spend a delicious everyday life making kamameshi with a big presence on the table.

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