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Hello, this is Ja-cheong. You may lose your eyes before you start writing, so please scroll down carefully.

It's like I gradually changed while reading a book in Chinta Otaku.

Step 1

Game and anime otaku, Hikikomori days

Step 2

When YouTuber Lifehacker volunteered (at the time of the first YouTube shoot)

(YouTube channel hosted by LifeHacker)

Step 3

Representatives of 5 companies (after 30 months). Currently.

(Strange marketing newcomer's 1st anniversary ceremony. Currently, the number of members has reached about 100)

A lot has changed.

As a child, I thought, “How can I become a person who earns 3 million won a month?” “Why was I born so bad?” “Why am I ranked 30th even after studying like this...” He was a worried person.

At age 20, my appearance complex was severe, and I was only dropped out of all part-time job applications due to serious physical appearance issues. My local university credits were covered by F. I never studied or read a book until I was 21, and I never got a job, a game where I never got any job, Hikikomori in Anime Otaku I had no future.

However, my life happened to be after I started reading a book, It's starting to completely change. I began to believe that just as games have strategy books, life also has strategy books. I set out to create a strategy book about looks, money, and happiness.

I completed the strategy book and began to live my life according to that formula. Then financial freedom, appearance, and relationships all began to improve. I think the picture above is sufficient proof of that.

This course is about “how to make money,” but I think it's actually a lecture on “how to live a good life.” I'm posting all of my life strategy books. I'm not a great person yet, but I just hope it helps people like me who are thinking about how to get out of a hopeless situation.

This course is one of the most expensive classes in class 101. However, out of 8,859 reviews, 8,593 people were satisfied with this ridiculous course.

실제 수강생 후기

(Go check out 8,859 reviews)

The reason why my lack of lectures has been loved by so many people for such a long timeI've thought about what it is, and I'll tell you 3 reasons. I think it will be helpful for those who are thinking about whether to take a course or not.

(Before that, 'Will this course really help me?If you have any questions about”, check out the link below. The effects of the courses vary widely depending on the level of the students, so I've compiled a list of categories that can really help. Self-Help Class 101, Helpful and Non-Helpful)

1. Lectures from people proven by results

Start with 0 won and become a representative of 5 corporations.

At the end of 2010, my first business started.

Now, 12 years later, I run 5 corporate companies and work with 90 employees (all 5 companies started with just one computer).

As a game and anime otaku, would you believe me if I started a business with 0 won and became the representative of 5 corporate companies?

(Picture taken with strange marketing staff from one of the companies)

Last year, we launched a new business, FDF Service, which generated over 200 million won in sales in just one day.

하루 만에 2억 원이 넘는 매출

Entrepreneurs who “only” shoot lectures are unable to develop “their own business.” A real entrepreneur succeeds in “his business” and proves it with results.

I think we should be wary of people who earn more from lectures than business income (Related columns).

I applied the know-how from my course to launch additional online/offline businesses, all of which were successful.

(If you are interested in more information about my current business, please refer to the link below. Summary of what entrepreneurs do and sell)

2. We'll tell you what business there's no reason not to start

We learn these things through lectures.

'0원으로, 돈 하나도 없이 시작할 수 있구나.'

▶ ︎ “With zero won, you can start without any money.”

I will generously disclose all the know-how I have accumulated during my 10 years of business in an easy-to-understand manner.

My business isn't about selling goods, so it's a business where most of my sales are net income. A business with no inventory or rent. There's no reason not to get started.

If I say this, I think I'll be busy working day and night, but I'm living freely with the financial freedom of not having to do anything. I definitely want a life where I have dinner, and my rule is to sleep at least 8 hours.

How is it possible to start a small business? Let me tell you the secret.

📍 This is possible because it is an era of mobile and internet.

In the past, the only thing a first-time businessman could do was rent a shopping mall in the neighborhood and have to do business in the neighborhood. A start-up capital of 50 million won or more would have been required.

But now is the best time to make money. With a free website and free marketing, it is now possible to attract customers from all over the country.

📍 “Beginners should help beginners” is my business philosophy.

There's no need for a professional to help a beginner. There is clearly a demand for “something for beginners to help beginners” at an affordable price.

Before the advent of the Internet, if I started a hair shop, I should have closed the business the moment someone with better skills than me appeared.

In other words, it was a world where only professionals survived. But that's not the case anymore. “It's an age where beginners can make money by helping beginners.”

No capital required Just because it's a course on entrepreneurship,

This is not a meaningless course for professionals or the self-employed.

전문직이나 자영업자 수강후기

My course is about “how to start a business if someone has no expertise,” but if you have any expertise, you'll need this course even more. If you apply it, you'll be able to speed up your business. (hair designer, programmer, lawyer, self-employed, startup, etc.)

11 steps to start a microcapital business!

  • How to create a logo company: the principles of microcapital entrepreneurship

Steps to start a business without any specialties -

(Read this article, portray, HeruIt earns a net profit of 40 million won per month)

1. Create a “logo design” site using a free website creation platform.

2. Research the market price of the logo. Experts have confirmed that it starts at least 100,000 won and sells for 50,000 won at Cemont. I'm a beginner, so I'll set a price of 2-3 thousand won. Ask a logo company to find out about the system. I learned that logo companies usually satisfy clients by giving 3 proposals and narrowing down the scope. I'm also preparing 3 synopses.

3. Design is created using a platform for creating logos. It helps you design a logo design in 30 seconds on dozens of international sites such as Wix and Mangoboard.

(Actually, it took me less than 5 minutes to create a logo for and, which I recently founded)

4. Sales are advertised for about 5,000 won to 10,000 won per day through Instagram sponsored ads. You can also advertise through Cmon. Free marketing using blogs, Instagram, and YouTube is also possible. By the way, I succeeded without spending any money on marketing.

5. Apply the 'six-step balance theory' to increase the reliability of the site. (

6. Requests gradually begin to come in. After a month or two, you'll understand what kind of designs people like. Time is extremely shortened and people's satisfaction is greatly increased. Once the net profit reaches 300, we move on to the next step.

7. This is a step where customer prices must be raised. As I put it into practice, I gradually began studying about logos. You can also read books on design methods and study by referring to the portfolios of companies that make the best logos in the industry. While actually attending a school related to web design, I study so that I can actually design without relying on a web design platform.

8. Word of mouth is gradually spreading, and excessive demand is created by marketing. When I get to the point where I can't handle all of my work, I adjust demand and supply by gradually increasing prices.

9. Hire employees for automation or train young friends. Price discrimination against design begins. Create a corporate form by dividing “advanced design,” “intermediate design,” and “beginner design.” After that, while reading management-related books, I learned about how to expand and how to break through the B2B route of selling logos.

10. The logo company would have stabilized. Expanding into businesses that are highly related to the logo (web design, banner advertising, website production) .-

11. Try out many businesses based on successful experiences

After number 7, it developed into a corporate form, and in fact, even if you only run up to 6 times, you can live without major hindrance to eating and living.

❗❗ In Class 101, we will teach you the methods above 11 from A to Z in a much more specific way.

This knowledge went beyond just starting a business; it was created in a form that is helpful to anyone who does business. If you have your own expertise, you can quickly succeed in your business by applying this technology.

Smart stores cannot develop expertise, and since they are extreme Red Ocean, there is a limit to profit. If I were to study smart stores for business practice, I'm convinced that the current method has much higher expectations.

저는 최근 한 달 만에 3개 사업을 만들었어요

▶ ︎ I recently created 3 businesses in just one month

Other than a logo, are there any startup items that come to mind? Even if you think about it for a minute, it comes to mind a lot, so why don't you do it?

1. If you have experience working for a large company, sell employment consulting at a very low price. If you do it, you'll become an expert.

2. Use a website creation platform (Wix, Naver, and Six Shop) to sell at a low price.

3. Do you enjoy listening to your friends? Accumulate 10 books on life counseling, read them, and sell counseling at an ultra-low cost.

4. Watch 20 videos on how to do YouTube and go to related lectures. Next, try selling how to do YouTube at a low price.

5. There isn't a company that specializes in making YouTube thumbnails. How about selling only YouTube thumbnails exclusively? Use the mango board to make it easy, and practice by researching many successful thumbnails.

I started psychological consulting this way for 15,000 won, and the price gradually increased to 100,000 won, 200,000 won, and 300,000 won, and now I receive 900,000 won for 1 hour of consulting. All of my businesses have been done this way.

3. Without further ado, I'll show you my review.

Class 101's top class course sold for over 3 billion dollars.

I'm a person who thinks that business skills are all about “results” rather than words.

Even at this moment, reviews from people seeking financial freedom through automatic profits created by me are constantly being updated.

매일 새롭게 업데이트 되고 있는 실천 후기

(Action reviews updated daily)

Finally, in just three lines, I'll summarize this lesson.

  1. Even after reading this page, “two people” succeeded in starting a businessThey did, and each received a net profit of 40 million won per month (portray, Heru).

🏆 Stories of young people in their 20s who became company CEOs through their know-how

The 21-year-old thanked her and made a deposit of 10 million won. (draw)

21살이 고맙다며 천만 원을 입금했습니다. (그리다)

He made 10 million won a month by beating a 25-year-old girl. (Heru)

 25살 여자아이를 혼내서 월 천만 원을 만들다. (헤루)

2. Last month only 5 students thanked them and made a deposit of 40 million won without paymentI did it.

지난달에만 수강생 5명이 고맙다며 4천만 원을 대가 없이 입금

욕망의 북카페

(This course is about starting a business, but in fact it is a common story for all businesses and businesses. The 4 people who have deposited 10 million won each run a clothing business, auction business, marketing business, and mobile phone store.

3. If you take this course, there's a 0% chance that you'll make money right away. All of the above people have built up a “basic level” over the years. I don't teach you how to make money. I'll teach you “specific ways to gain financial freedom” and how to start a small capital business. It just shortens the work that takes 10 years to 2 years. If you are under the impression that you will make money by taking this course, please don't take it.

[21.11.23 Emergency Notice]

It is sold for 350,000 won to those who sign up for the course”2022 No-Capital Startup PDF“It's free. I've updated my work after 2 years, so please be sure to download and read it if you are a student.

- 700 pages

[Request a free upgrade PDF]

* Not a subscriber Exclusive benefits for individual class buyersIt's a tag.

* This benefit is only available to those who have verified their order details, attendance rate/course duration, capture course reviews, blog reviews, etc. by accessing the application link.

👩‍🎓 Naedonnaesan, student YouTube video review

'Nomad Chloe', 3rd Head of Blog Education

“A guide course showing the process of starting a business from beginning to end”

110,000 business YouTuber 'Forial'

“An ultra-expensive course of 550,000 won? I think it's worth looking at just one rule of four times.”

⚖️ Putting your own entrepreneurial know-how into practice

14,200 member community

14,200명 회원 규모 커뮤니티 황금지식

📃 Best blog reviews

> Take a self-help class and certify 5 projects you tried in 3 months! (click)

> The story of starting a business after one month after breaking a self-service class mission (click)

> Opening an online course, establishing a company, building a website, first revenue certification review (click)

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Life Hacker Ja Chung

Life Hacker Ja Chung

Hello? I'm a self-employed entrepreneur.

I'm Song Myeong-jin, who founded 7 companies and succeeded, and runs a YouTube channel called Lifehacker Ja Cheong. Currently, I don't have to do anything, and I live a free life with only automatic profits.

I never read a book until I was 21 years old, and I was always at the bottom of my school years. The appearance complex was so severe, and it was Annie Otaku, a game that always took the last step when voting for looks in the class and got lost in the virtual world.

Then one day I accidentally read a book. At that time, just like the game has a strategy book “Isn't there a strategy book in life?”I had a question, and as I started reading a book, I set out to find a strategy book for everything in my life.

As a result, they hacked everything one by one, such as appearance, money, exercise, health, relationships, etc., and they have never failed in business.

The reason they didn't fail is, in a way, simple. This is because I have been doing zero-won small capital projects for all of my businesses. I would like to share all the trial and error and know-how I have accumulated over 10 years.

We recommend that you do not apply if you want to get rich just 1-2 months after the lecture.

Life hacker Ja Cheong's successful business history

At the end of 2010, the first business began. I've already been a businessman for 10 years.

  • (Former) Chalmers
  • (Former) Framus
  • (Current) Atra Award - Breakup/Reunion Counseling
  • (Current) Strange Marketing - Online Marketing
  • (Current) Curel - Expensive PDF sales business
  • (Current) Rising YouTube - YouTube Consulting Company
  • (Current) YouTudio - YouTube editing company, video production company
  • (Current) Strange Broker - Real Estate/Building Broker
  • (Current) Life Hacking School - Entrepreneurship Video Lecture Platform
  • (Current) Fdff - E-book publishing company that sells ultra-expensive PDF knowledge
  • (Current) Gangnam Desire Book Cafe and Cheongdam-dong Whiskey Bar Infini



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