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For my dog
10 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Chicken terrine

  • Dang Dang's exclusive pizza

  • Dang Daeng Celebration Cake

  • Pumpkin-flavored chicken and chicken radish

  • Cheesecake with real cheese

  • Dried snacks using soteokshim, shiso, etc.

  • Dang Daeng Sausage Gimbap

  • Duck steak

  • Cool meat jelly in summer

  • Dang Daeng muffin

Skills You’ll Learn

Ingredients and precautions for cooking that dogs can eat

Learn the benefits and precautions of cooking ingredients!

Step by step, starting with the care of the ingredients

I'll show you how to remove and groom parts that dogs shouldn't eat!

How to make it like human food

Learn how to make it look like chicken without frying it and how to cook a variety of dishes!

How to make jelly for tired dogs

You'll learn how to make jelly, which is low in calories and great as a reward snack.

Dried snacks you can eat healthily

Learn what dry snacks dogs love and what to keep in mind!

Making fresh cream that dogs can eat

Let's apply it to cake icing and muffins as a dog cream!

How to decorate beautifully

Learn how to decorate beautifully with ingredients that dogs can eat.

How to reduce failures

I'll give you tips on the various mistakes I've accumulated so that I can make it on my own!

Dog homemade snack shop start-up information

I'll tell you everything I know, from licensing to government support projects!

How to apply it to make a new dish

Let's make new dishes using various molds based on what you've learned!

Mini pizzas

Let's apply pizza to make mini pizzas for small dogs!

Aurora icing

I'll tell you how to make aurora-colored icing that is popular these days

For the longevity and happiness of our dog

Hallo This is Dust's older sister, who is raising a cute mixed dog named Dirt. Dog dust A healthy, long-lived dogI started baking pet food with the goal of growing up with. Also, Life with a dogI started running a pet food school, a homemade snack shop for dogs!

Communicate with your dog with delicious snacks.

No artificial additives, no preservatives

Did you feed my dog a lot of snacks on the market because he was so pitiful that he only eats food? In fact, I don't know if commercial dog treats are hygienic or contain fresh ingredients.

Good for your dog's health with your own hands through pet food baking fresh foodIt also looks great in combination Foods that suit your dog's tasteI can make a listen!

Visual explosion!

Special dog treats that draw attention

Common questions for people who are new to pet food “Can people eat it?”That's right. Whether you're giving a gift to a friend or posting a picture of your dog eating on Instagram Beautiful visuals that draw attentionThis is it. Whether it's a dog eating a tasty snack, or a dog owner who has finished a wonderful dish A special experienceIt's going to be!

I haven't been able to see it before Dang Daeng chicken, cake, pizza, muffin I'll show you some special baking methods!

No worries about poop hands

Let's learn slowly from the basics together

You can't cook? Don't worry! Most of the offline students have rarely tried cooking. However, when I walk through the trilogy with me, a cute work is always born. If you watch the video and follow it step by step Delicious dog foodwill be completed!

You can't miss dried snacks

For dogs who love chewable treats, we've also prepared dry treats!

Dried snacks Large quantity at a low priceIt has the advantage of being able to make it with. I'll tell you how to easily follow along at home, so why not feed your cute puppy and give it to your puppy friends around you?

Starting a homemade snack shop for dogs A to Z

It was hard to understand online Dog homemade snack shop start-up informationI'll let you know. Let's look at government support projects that help you start a business, including licensing. I actually passed a government support project Business planwith Questions and answers I received during the interviewAll of them will be revealed!

Please check:)

  1. principally ovensI'm going to teach using.
  2. This course is a curriculum for dogs that are omnivores.
  3. The main materials are Chicken, duck meat, eggs, lacto-free milk, rice flour, sweet potatoes, various vegetablesThat's right. If you are allergic to a specific ingredient, you can replace it, but you should not feed it to a dog that is allergic to multiple ingredients at the same time.
Let's be happy with our dog!





This is Dust's older sister, who is raising a cute mixed dog named Dirt. I started running a pet food school with the goal of raising dog dust into healthy, long-lived dogs, and was selected for a government support project in recognition of my technology and ideas, and is currently in the “Bupyeong Dream Room Store”. I'm studying the happiness of dogs eating with dust.







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