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Hello, teacher. I wrote a new one as if I'm writing a long one today. Please take a look. hehe
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Oh, it's much better. You can go straight like this. Haha
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Hi. teacher I'm not sure if you remember, but I'm a student who has a sick cat. In the end, we had a hard time holding the pen because we didn't have much time left to spend together. Writing a letter to a child is very careful and sad. It was a letter to burn with me when I left for heaven, so I wrote it with all my heart. At the end, I ended up getting tear marks. I am grateful that I can write a letter with my heart even though I practice dozens of times and cry in my breathing. If you hadn't taken this course, you wouldn't have thought of writing a letter on your child's last path. Thank you very much and thank you very much. Writing a letter while listening to the lecture sometimes consoled me with your calm voice. From now on, I will write a letter and leave it where my child went on a trip. Thanks once again.
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더 많은 실제 후기를 만날 수 있어요!