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It's amazing~~~ 1. Material results begin to appear: Focus on English -> Tessol Certificate 2. Related opportunities begin to appear: BMW Mini Cooper in the eye. Not with the eyes. I watch it with a fixed mind. 3. It is no longer affected by the external environment: Complaints ->The environment does not matter. 4. Attracts people of the same mind: people involved in meditation English Educators and others who are hooked on English. 5. The way you look at the world is broken: In my mom's eyes, it's always a recession. If you change your point of view, you'll see that opportunity. 6. Intuitive Developed: Intuitive Ideas sound of mind 7. Fast to give up not in harmony with purpose: Life becomes simple. Difficulties in decision making have no definite wish. 8. Wishes change: become clear. 9. Emotional control becomes possible: being happy and having low value does not make me angry. If you use energy negatively, it is creative but hard to use energy. In order to save energy, the frequency of anger decreases. Keep my emotions high. ᅵ 바뀐 Changes to creative thinking: Competitive × My own way. No rush, no composure. 11. Desire to learn true knowledge: constructive growth To help others and raise awareness!! Where am I now?
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