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Slow but steady
Slow but steady님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
The first detail page is capitalized, You can refer to it when you're trying to buy it. In the case of non-capital start-ups (entrusted sales, overseas delivery), the existing detailed pages can only be modified. I think this is a little hard to benchmark. Still, the direction of such image creation for cs response on the detailed page There's a lot of money to get from people who start their own businesses. I realize it once again as I watch the lecture.
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리봇님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
Where's the reply?
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new ocean
new ocean님은 Master 레벨입니다.
I don't think you're wrong.
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윤기창님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
It's a part that always makes me think because I learned that I can't just list the same images. Then you'll become an expert.Fighting!
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대학생 김머신
1:16 The overseas direct purchase agency (525105) was established in August 2020. Those who previously conducted '749609' are not likely to have any major problems as they are classified as overseas purchasing agents, but those who report from the future should proceed with 'retail' instead of 'service' and '525105' instead of '749609', so please refer to it. :) ** Cleaning up changes when registering overseas direct purchase agency Service (X) -> Retail (O) 749609(X) -> 525105(O)
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김대호님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
Would it be better for those who are starting before the Lunar New Year to proceed with domestic consignment and purchase as a retail business?
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Chan Woo Song
Chan Woo Song님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
I was studying to become more economically independent in the military somehow, and I ended up taking Mr. Kim's lecture. I was so lucky and thank you for your good teaching. I purchased a one-on-one coaching right that I really wanted to receive by applying as soon as possible, but it seems difficult to use it until the end of the military service. I was trapped in the unit because of the corona. Is it possible to extend the customization right?
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이시형님은 Master 레벨입니다.
Thank you!
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박주동님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
I'm enjoying your lecture. 111
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Vampy님은 Amateur 레벨입니다.
After searching for the product, I recommend you to capture it with a good detailed page layout, set it at 40% transparency, and upload the picture of the product you took on top. *Also try Figma, a free image editing site. If you click it a few times, it'll be as easy as a board. It's a program that was made easier by mixing illustrators and Photoshop.
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