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This Live Class is a class consisting of 20 weeks of 1 Live + Replay VOD on June 17. Please be informed that the VOD, which will be uploaded on July 1st, is a recorded video of the live class you participated in and is composed of a replay format. :)
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곰도리님은 Professional 레벨입니다.
I'm ready for class! I have a question. I heard that the live broadcast will be uploaded on VOD in two weeks. I have to post it in at least a few days so that I can watch VOD and watch it live next week. Doesn't this mean a vod isn't it? It's so weird looking at it now. Don't we have to keep watching VOD if we want to see it in order?
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Jess님은 Professional 레벨입니다.
Hello, Gomdori! Responsible PD Jess for this class. This live class consists of one live + 20 replay VODs that took place on June 17th. The replay VOD, which is scheduled to be uploaded on July 1, is a recording of the live class you participated in, and we inform you that it consists of a replay format. Thank you. :)
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i보리님은 Professional 레벨입니다.
I'm ready for class!
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그린님은 Professional 레벨입니다.
This is Park Bong's working mom, who has subscribed to 11 U.S. stock channels since last fall, and has been watching and listening to them every holiday. I thought the more I invested, the more I needed to analyze the company, so I applied for the first time as a paid course, but the fee is also good. ^^ Thank you for explaining to me that I can easily understand corporate analysis in the mind of a businessman's mind. The video and explanation materials are neat, so it's better. Thank you for the good lecture. Please run YouTube for a long time, too.
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더 많은 실제 후기를 만날 수 있어요!