I'm a father of two in my mid-30s. He's in the construction industry, enduring the weight of a head of household. It was a life I chose only to make money, so I needed an escape. I've lived my life as a motto to change others who are tainted with injustice. I wrote a novel by chance to relieve my frustration. The frustration was relieved, and furthermore, I enjoyed the luck of finding a way in the writing. Writing has the power to change people. So whenever I had time, I wrote down. Every time I made a story and printed a period, my life became lively. But the disappointment lingered in my mind. That's professionalism. After graduating from a public high school and going to a sports college, what I needed to get to the construction industry was professionalism. So I chose Na Eun's lecture. You might wonder why the person who wants to publish the book chose the scenario class. However, I think the final purpose of the process of achieving my dream is videoization, so it is a suitable choice. Imagination in the head, from writing to video, video back into someone's head. In the process, I'm sure that a small clue to enlightenment can change others. I'm still an adult child who hasn't lost his dream.
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