I am a 30-year-old woman. I was born and raised in the countryside, so I've been to Seoul a few times. I have experience in my work life, but I can't wait to come out and work part-time. I paid for this class advertisement because I heard that it will be discounted in winter 2020. There's nothing I'm good at or want to do now, and I'm getting older and losing my part-time job, and I'm not confident in job interviews, so I come every day. I have liked reading and writing since I was in elementary school. If I lived in the metropolitan area, wouldn't I have more information and more opportunities to learn? I have a lot of regrets that I don't want to do. I wanted to learn it someday, and I applied because I thought I could experience it easily without any burden. My concern these days is why I don't have a dream and a future. I live on a daily basis without any plans or goals after a year and a month. It's hard for me to face myself, but I wonder if my parents will be scared. So I'm away, and loneliness seems to reside like a shadow. I don't even feel it, I paid in advance, but I feel like an unemployed person is doing anything in the class that starts now. It takes a long time just to turn on the application because I'm lazy, and I don't have consistency and sincerity, but I want to listen carefully until the end and produce the results.
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