As I signed up for Minble's class, I got to get a new tablet!♡ So I didn't have a cytule and a tablet, so I drew it on my phone. I didn't even have a pen, so with my fingers...🖖흡) Character Description: Pink long wave hair with small angel wings on both sides. - eyes have pink eyes and dreamy eyes with purple underneath. - Clothes vary depending on how you feel, and basically I love shirts and ribbons! My personality is inf in terms of MBti, and I always like positive things and I am timid when I am alone, but I am active when I am with my friends. My hobby is drawing and baking, and I love listening to music. I like idols and calm ballad songs ♡ Worldview: I don't know how to define a worldview ㅠㅠ I haven't decided yet! Concept: Kind of like a baby angel, polite, and always smiling.
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