I haven't constructed a worldview yet. I want to learn painting and create a worldview by listening to your class! The character on the right is the owner of the car. Her name is Su-yeon. The character on the left is 2p! Her name is Yeon! Character Description (1p): - He's obsessed with things and people. I used to like collecting flowers and watching them, but I hated the fact that they withered so quickly. Now I prefer harmony to real flowers. - I like sweet food. - Chocolate or candy. I'm pretty jealous. (2p): - I don't block people coming, I don't catch people going. I like to make bouquets and ribbons (one p.m. on the head is also made by 2p.) I tend to cry a lot. - Sometimes it's dull. 1p always gives me a little present when I meet 2p, so I don't want to meet her. 2p doesn't like her sometimes, when she meets 1p (candy, chocolate, etc.) But 1p doesn't like 2p who gives me presents without saying anything. Writing down my character settings makes me feel shy.// I look forward to your kind cooperation.
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