The speed of the work is like a turtle, but I want to do it quickly, so I'm going to do it first. I forgot to change the color of the brooch decoration, so it's a little messy. Oops. The current owner, Ida, is the manager of the worldview and the program founder (for convenience)! The Heavenly Fathers call themselves Lords, but the opposing Devion Rush was once an angel. Someone cracked a program, revolted against Aida with hostility, and was driven out of heaven. Ida is a real-world person, but she created the world by creating a program, and the time she feels inside is very long, but in the real world, it's very quick. A second every tens of thousands of years? I'm going to make a worldview with a full-length comic book later on. It's very long. Just about fairies! I'm embarrassed //
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