I learned that I earn money and get promoted diligently while working at the company. The reality is that schools do not teach us the most basic economics of living our lives, but only study state-run mathematics. The goal is to go to a "big company" and live as a salary earner. After watching his YouTube video, I started to read the cycle of the real estate market and bought a house. What happened after the buyout? Assuming you're collecting 2,000 a year, you'll have to earn more than five years in just four months. It was so quick. It is true that the price (value) of house prices has risen slightly or the same in combination with various inflation in the aftermath of Corona, but only the number has changed. I was surprised to experience inflation. If you stop at one house, you'll only lose a monthly salary. I decided to take a multi-home position, but there are many different houses for sale. I think I need skills to buy according to the variety, so I take a lecture. Memorize everything you need to memorize, make it mine, and save it as a generation-to-generation rich man. Thank you so much for planning this.
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