I almost cried after watching this lecture. I bought a house because I thought I couldn't do it after seeing the rising house prices in 2019. At that time, my biggest concern was how much I should get a loan to our economy and how much I should buy an apartment. How nice would it have been to have a lecture like this? At that time, I was afraid of loans, so I bought a house worth 1.15 billion won with 6.3.5 billion won in charter. (Seoul Black Stone) Looking back at the home purchase capability table, we were able to buy a 1.5 billion won house at that time. I think it's an incredibly accurate calculation. I was originally going to rent a house in 2020, but there were signs of a rise in rent for apartments in Bundang, so I bought a house to live in in Suji. If I had approached it at 1.5 billion won in the first place (I was so afraid of loans).ㅠ.ㅠ The DNA of poverty.>) I wish I had bought a house that I could live in Pangyo or Jamsil. Under the current circumstances, the holding tax pressure is too great for two houses. I'm so glad to hear this lecture even now and I want to study hard and overcome the wall. So I want to open the world beyond the wall to my children. I'm already 50 years old, and I reflect on myself over the years. I will study hard thinking that it is not too late.
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