This Corona incident has halved my income over the past year. I remember eating only one meal a day, even a convenience store lunch box, on days when I didn't go to work due to reduced working hours. I worked hard not to forget my assets, let alone save. Previously, I spent most of my income saving, and even if I lived on 350,000 won a month, I enjoyed every day considering the investment accumulated in my bank account and my dream of opening a house. I was so happy to write down my total income and expenditure on paper several times a month, and accumulate re-tack YouTube and investment minds. But with Corona, it's body, mind, hope for the spirit, it's the hope for the future... Everything you've been planning to do has been destroyed. I really didn't want to do anything. "I didn't mean to be this miserable," "I wanted to live a life that I didn't have, but if I had stayed like this for another year or two, I would have seen the light." The thoughts of "When on earth can I live like others and experience happiness?" grew bigger and bigger. Fortunately, I've recently recovered my income, had psychological counseling, and it's getting better, but maybe half a month to a year. If that condition had been maintained, I might have made a bad choice. After going through such a hard time, I listened to the reading man's lecture and now I'm filling out the table. But I still feel like, "You've been strong," "You're holding up." It's comforting. Thank you so much. (The purchasing power of the house was more generous than I thought.) I'm really looking forward to the skills of preparing my own house in the next part. I will learn hard and master repeatedly.
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