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Hello, I'm Yuhanna, a food stylist. It's already been 18 years since I started a food stylist. There have been so many changes. When I first started, I couldn't explain what a food stylist was. It was a time when you couldn't even search for a job. I think a lot of people are interested in food styling. I think the biggest reason is that the consumption of images has increased since the times have changed. Also, I think it's because there are more cases of recognizing something by looking at the text and recognizing it with images and videos. I think it will be an era of image consumption in the future. Let's start together with all the owners and those who dream of becoming food stylists who have been worried about photos of food products, menus, billboards, etc. to make detailed pages for the sale of various milk kits and HMR products. This course is easier to follow than an expert course, so you can do it without difficulty. Then shall we start with me?
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