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We're not going anywhere in the post-corona era. Are you stuck at home? Why don't you learn leather crafting with Evig leather workshop? from foundation to completion Anyone who likes to make it by hand can take the course. You're worried because you're clumsy? Don't. We're all ready to make it with gold hands. It's only open on April 15th. You can start taking courses in mid-April, but if you apply now, Leather craft classes priced at approximately 5 to 600,000 won, including tool prices We offer you the opportunity to listen to it repeatedly anywhere at 300,000 won. We will come back with a more special design and special lecture. The online class at the Evig Leather Workshop The tools we use to make the production except leather. I'm going to make it with the most familiar tools I've ever encountered in my daily life. We will reduce the weight of the tools and increase the quality of leather so that we can visit you with classic and cool products. Thank you! Press "Cheer for us"!^^
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