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Hello, I'm greeting you for the first time! I'm illustrator YON. I'm a fan of Class 101 and I bought more than 9 classes last year. I'm very excited and honored to hold the lecture myself. I'd like to give you a picture, and I'd like to give you a milestone. It's also a long-time dream that I've been writing down in my resume since I was a college student. I am also a person who has developed dreams and achieved them one step at a time by looking at the works of respected writers. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your interest and participation. We're going to put a lot of sincerity and affection into it, so trust us and wait for us! If you have any questions about the lecture, please include these in the lecture! If you have any parts of it, Please leave anything in addition. I will answer as much as I can and refer to the production. Also, until the opening day of the lecture, we will often introduce our lectures through the community. Don't forget to check it out:) Thank you.
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