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Hello, I'm Hoyacho. It is an animation that uses AR effect by making an animation with characters made of free tool blender 3D and applying external motion capture animation data such as MIXAMO to characters. In my lecture, due to the volume problem, it's like a character + motion + small props. If my lecture goes well, I can teach you various things such as interior design and sculpture mode. And the feedback is important for the 3D lecture, but I discussed with our 101 MD teacher that Sam couldn't assist me like he did at the academy. Perhaps for those who have coaching rights, I'm thinking about opening the broadcast online and opening the students' files on YouTube in real time to edit and let them know. Because I've done this in real-life online lectures, if my lectures are open at 101, So we're thinking about coaching day and online real-time feedback questions and answers with the applicants. I look forward to your kind cooperation. 😍😍
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