Make the only cake on your loved one's birthday! Do you know that there is a separate cake for birthdays in Sweden? It's Princess Cake! Don't prepare the supplies, we'll send you all the materials you need. :) How do you make Princess Cake?> 1. Make it with a dry plate (almond paste sheet) instead of icing. : Learn how to color and make dry plates in the recipe. 2. Sheet with sweet Swedish strawberry jam and soft butter cream flavor : Learn a savory buttered cream recipe that is not common whipped cream, and it can be applied in various ways! 3. Design for precious people with the decoration you want! : Create a decoration that even beginners can easily follow. Try with your own design. The moment when you put candles on a cake on your birthday, make a wish, and turn them off is meaningful, but there's nothing more meaningful than preparing gifts for your loved family and friends. How about preparing this year's cake yourself? :)
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