"Good furniture for good people." -Making small prefabricated interior furniture- There are many differences between what I know and what I know easily. I think that there is a big difference in the mindset of the skills that only I have and the ability to educate this technology systematically to the people who need it. I can truly share my know-how that is precious to others. So I think a teacher needs a sense of duty. I've been giving my know-how to many carpenters and I will continue to do so. And this time, I'm going to share some easy know-how with beginners. I'll scratch the parts that I usually wanted to do but couldn't because I was hesitant. The materials will be cut to fit your size and all the tools you need will be sent to you, so you can work comfortably while watching the video. If you want to make these pretty and practical interior furniture yourself, please support me. I'll look forward to the day when I can meet many people by making up for my shortcomings.~~
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