A design that can be done with an iPad/cell phone! "Fix Art". Please pay attention to the lecture! 🙂 In the COVID-19 era, many people are opening smart stores and private shopping malls! I think a lot of people feel that they need a designer to run an online shopping mall! In addition, there are many YouTubers and bloggers who give them out every time they make photos, videos, or thumbnails, right? If you can't do simple tasks because of tools, please pay attention to my lecture! 🙂🙂🙂 Fix Art is an app that makes these tasks simple with mobile/tablets! I also used this app while working at this company. First of all, the intuitive UI that can be easily used without understanding the basic tool was very impressive, and after knowing that it was an app that could produce high-quality works, I started a lecture to inform many people of this app. Fix art where anyone can become a designer! I hope you can learn it with me! Please cheer for us 🙌🏻
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