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Hello! I'm Bomtail, author of Musong.☺️ Selling emoticon e-books for a year and a half. I've had a lot of questions and requests from students. ⭐전자I want to learn more than e-books! ⭐영I want to hear each explanation in the video! ⭐애I want to know more about animation skills! To let you know about the emoticon production through the video, "Character emoticons that sell well." You are about to proceed with the class you are creating.🥰 Seven years of accumulation. It's about revealing all the know-how of the character know-how. For this class to open, We need 200 people to cheer for the demand survey. 😉 Cheer for open classes 👉 Let's learn how to make emoticons together!💖 [Top 3 Emoticon Creators' Worries] ✔!No more clumsy hands! I want to be a "Kakao Talk Emoticon" writer!🙏 ✔아이Stop watching YouTube on your iPad I want to "make a profit"!💸 ✔? Program? Tools? It's too hard. I want to know how "easy and efficient" is!🚀 ✅ To solve all this trouble, I've prepared a class. 🥰 ⭐️ This class is a novice. Wanting to take it to the next level You can listen to all the characters. Especially, I know how to draw. Revenue generation is a concern (…)!) It's more effective if you listen to it! In this class, I have an emoticon e-book and I'm sure everyone had a hard time hosting the consulting session. 💛 Growing eyes to read trends 💛 Create a character that stands out in the market 💛Easy to create high-quality animations Solving common concerns, My seven years of experience... The know-how as a character writer, I'm going to give you a specific case. 👍 🎟 Class Cheering Benefits 30,000 won discount coupon available 💟 Class cheering and curriculum proposals
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