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Hello! character illustrator Gri Ji-youngis

Using Photoshop, I mainly work to unravel the things and thoughts that happened during the day in sculpture pictures. I didn't major in art, but I really enjoyed painting, and as I continued to draw, I started working as an artist. We develop characters such as “Jajangguman,” “Kabari's Animal Farm,” and “Grapefruit,” and make and sell them as stationery products.

Goodbye to the days when I couldn't sleep because of worries

Have you ever had a day where you couldn't sleep because your worries and worries continued to bite your tail?

I also often can't fall asleep because my mind is so complicated. When I want to put down my head's full thoughts and put them away, I write or draw pictures. Like doodling loudly After pouring out all of my heart through the characters, there are a variety of The world in your head is right in front of you It unfolds.

Perfect for my story! Decorate your diary with the right pictures

My way of drawing is similar to writing a diary. It's about recording the thoughts of the day by unraveling them with pictures. The overall appearance of the picture also looks like pieces of stickers attached to a diary.

If you print out such a loud picture as it is, it becomes a sticker that can decorate your diary. Also, if you change the configuration little by little, memo paper, wrapping paper, masking tape, etc. Various stationery products using pictures of my daily life You can make it.

A lovely phrase filled with my own memories and everyday life
Keep a record of your diary

Class recommendation target

  • Those who like to make a diary
  • Those who want to portray my day with their own characters
  • Those who want to make and use cute stationery products on their own
  • Those who want to create character phrases and give special gifts to loved ones
  • Those who are preparing to start a flea market/small business with stationery

Estimated class time

A total of 8 chaptersIt will be carried out as, More than 10 worksLet's make it together. How long does it take per work 30 minutes to 2 hours It is expected to be so. So that I can make enough stationery products on my own 6 tasksis given.

The time required may vary depending on the difficulty level of each chapter and individual ability.

What do you learn?

✍ Photoshop basics for drawing

In order to draw cute characters to your heart's content, you need a basic understanding of tools. Photoshop and Wacom tablets may seem strange at first, but if you remember only the essentials through this class, you'll be able to enjoy painting comfortably afterwards. Let's spend some time getting to know Photoshop and tablets with me!

✍ Create a character that can express yourself

Let's create a character that really looks like you, who can express your daily life. In this step, we'll think deeply about the character's personality and characteristics, and draw various facial expressions and movements. When I delve into the charms of each with me and the people around me as the main characters, at some point, a lovely character is created at my fingertips.

✍ Draw a picture of your day

I use my characters to draw a picture of what kind of day my day was. As you draw a picture while following the memories of the moment, an illustration full of many stories is born. Each picture piece looks pretty when you take it apart, but when you put it in one place, it looks even more colorful and vibrant!

✍ Create stickers, memo paper, and other stationery to decorate your diary

I'm going to make stationery products using the characters I drew earlier. I'm going to make stickers of various materials and shapes, rice cake memo paper, wrapping paper using patterns, and masking tape, and other stationery necessary to decorate my diary.

If you give your stationery products to your friends, they will be a special gift. If you make a lot of stationery, you can also try selling it at an offline flea market or an online market.

So that you can create and use character phrases more actively while listening to lectures, There will be assignments for each chapter. Even if you work hard on the tasks, you'll be able to get rich results!

Class preview

📌The lessons in the class were created using Photoshop and Illustrator CC versions.


  • Lesson 1: Introducing Gri Ji-young
  • Lesson 2: Introducing the class
  • Lesson 3: Let's take a look at programs and tablets

Chapter 1. Getting to know Photoshop

Photoshop is an essential tool for stationery design, and it is the most used program by drawing professionals. Even if you are a first-time user of Photoshop, if you follow me, the parts required for drawing To be able to handle Photoshop enough It's going to be. We will let you know step by step.

  • Lesson 1: Simple settings for work
  • Lesson 2: Learn the principles and functions of layers
  • Lesson 3: Setting Photoshop Brushes and Favorite Brushes
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to various tools in Photoshop
  • Lesson 5: Import a manual drawing into Photoshop and sketch
  • Lesson 6: Learn how to color
  • Lesson 7: How to correct color and improve the completeness of a picture

Chapter 2. Create a character that can express yourself

I try to create my own character that can express myself, and draw various facial expressions and movements. Make the most of your own characteristics and create your own unique character How to register character copyrightLet's also take a look.

  • Lesson 1: Analyzing Me and the People Around Me
  • Lesson 2: Setting the character's personality and eye, nose, and mouth
  • Lesson 3: Determining character proportions and drawing basic character shapes
  • Lesson 4: Drawing Various Expressions
  • Lesson 5: Drawing various application actions
  • Lesson 6: Registering a character copyright by drawing a character turnaround

Chapter 3. Picture my day with Photoshop

I try to express what happened today with characters with facial expressions and movements, and draw various objects and write. Also, try to arrange them nicely on one sheet to match the overall flow. I'm going to make a postcard with a completed illustration of Today's Day.

  • Lesson 1: Determining the subject and content of the painting
  • Lesson 2: Expressing today's mood
  • Lesson 3: Drawing various objects
  • Lesson 4: My Day Fragment Drawing
  • Lesson 5: Making a postcard with a story of my day

Chapter 4. First stationery design, sticker making

Learn about the different types of stickers, and try making round stickers containing the characteristics of the characters and Instagram (printing house stickers) containing the various charms of the characters.

  • Lesson 1: Explore production sites and learn about the types of stickers
  • Lesson 2: Making a round coated sticker with the characteristics of my character
  • Lesson 3: Full of characters! Create your own character Instagram
  • Lesson 4: Using a variety of label papers to print your own stickers at home

Chapter 5. Second, stationery design, memo paper and checklist making

In addition to decorating a diary, I will try to create memo paper and checklists that can be easily ripped off one by one in everyday life.

  • Lesson 1: Tour the production site and learn about the layout of memo paper
  • Lesson 2: Making memo paper
  • Lesson 3: Making a Checklist

Chapter 6. Fourth, stationery design, making products using patterns

Create patterns that can be used in a variety of ways, such as illustrations, wrapping paper, and masking tape.

  • Lesson 1: Drawing a pattern source
  • Lesson 2: Finishing wrapping paper with a pattern
  • Lesson 3: Making masking tape

Chapter 7. Learn the basics of illustrators that can be used in stationery production

Learn the basic tools of illustrators that can be used in addition to stationery production, and learn how to use them in conjunction with Photoshop.

  • Lesson 1: A story about illustrators and vector methods
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to illustration tools needed to create stationery
  • Lesson 3: Create your character as a vector file in Illustrator
  • Lesson 4: Importing images from Photoshop and using them further

Chapter 8. Skill up! How to make a knife line sticker

Try using Photoshop and Illustrator to create a sticker with a sharp line. It's a relatively difficult level, but try to follow it step by step. If it's a transparent sticker, let's also learn how to put a white color on the back.

  • Lesson 1: How to make a sticker line
  • Lesson 2: How to work with a white back on a transparent sticker
  • Lesson 3: Making a note-able knife line sticker
  • Lesson 4: Making freeform line stickers to decorate your monthly calendar


  • Congratulations on the stubbornness of the class.

The curriculum is subject to some changes, and content may be uploaded sequentially.

Q & A

Q. I'm not good at drawing, and I'm new to digital drawing, can I keep up with the class?

A. If you have your own style, you can also create stationery with graffiti pictures. Nowadays, crooked pictures are also popular in the emoji and stationery markets. Feel confident and challenge yourself with your own style! As you draw a lot, your skills will improve, so if you keep practicing and following the course, you will be able to produce good results in class. (The most important thing is that you enjoy the painting process!)

Also, since this class is aimed at beginners in digital drawing, we will proceed step by step starting with the basic usage of photoshop and illustrator required for drawing. It may be an easy class for those who can already handle tools. I recommend this class even more to those who are new to making character phrases!

Q. Can I take the course using an iPad or Galaxy Tab?

A. Since the drawing app on a tablet PC is functionally similar to Photoshop, it can be used in the drawing part. However, since this course is a course to create text using PC Photoshop and illustrator programs using a tablet, It doesn't cover anything about drawing using a tablet PC, and it's difficult to answer questions. Adobe has announced that it will release Photoshop CC on iPad from 2019, so I hope you make the most of it depending on the situation.

Q. How will the production and printing of character phrases be carried out?

A. For the production and printing of the character text you have designed, you must order the desired quantity directly from the manufacturer of your choice. Although there are some limitations, it is possible to print stationery products handled in class even with a printer that is usually used at home. (Masking tape and paper stickers are not allowed)

During the course, I will give you plenty of tips on how to order production through the company's website and how to print out phrases using a printer at home. The part about production only provides information in this course and is not included.





Hello! I'm Gri Ji-young, an artist who paints sculptures that come to mind. I'm doing cute work to my heart's content, such as making characters, illustrations, and stationery.



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