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Using Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrations
7 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Create your own character

  • How to make a Domusong/Karasun sticker

  • How to make a postcard

  • Creating a brand logo

  • How to make mochi memo paper

  • How to make a keyring/grip talk

  • Creating a complete package

Skills You’ll Learn

Building a character brand

From brand planning to social media low capital promotion, I carefully included the explanations necessary to build a brand.

Developing your skills in the programs you use

You will only learn the most commonly used pro creator skills and the important skills needed for practical work when making goods.

Create your own character

Create your own characters that are “attractive” to everyone.

Production of various types of goods

You'll learn how to make a variety of goods, from Kalsun stickers to GripTalk.

Acha! How to reduce trial and error

I'll also tell you all the things to keep in mind when making and ordering goods.

Increase purchase conversion rates

I will introduce how to make a detailed page that looks good, starting with a shooting method that makes the product stand out.

How to distribute goods

I'll show you various distribution methods based on the stationery brand distribution network I've experienced.

Starting as a hobby

Now I'm listening to the CEO!

Hello, I'm Jian, an artist who runs the character-based stationery brand Ochidei. I went to an online commerce company and drew as a hobby, then established myself as a stationery brand, and now I'm making more money than the company's salary at the time.

It contains all the know-how I learned from making mistakes!

We've finished making the goods, but we can't keep the result of our hard work in stock. Ways individuals can do it and help them increase salesWhat kind of things are there? Let's find out how to introduce your beautifully prepared brand to more people.

1) Packaging know-how that tripled sales

At first, I also unified all of the sticker backings. Of course, there was an advantage of saving money in terms of unit price, but after making a package using the characteristics of each sticker, sales tripled.

2) Detailed pages & Instagram ads that increase purchase rates

지안_인사이트 계정 현황

▶ Jian_Insight account status

We'll also look at shooting methods that make products stand out, detailed page strategies to increase purchase conversion rates, and how to execute low capital advertisements based on social media.

It's also quite possible for office workers.

If you only knew my own work secrets!

Do you have a lot of worries about being able to do everything from a busy day at your main job, painting work, or a side job? In the beginning, I had to work at a company, but I was able to successfully run the brand because I used my time as efficiently as possible.

Whether you are a student or an employee, you can earn enough profit from doing your main job as a side job. Efficient work know-how for scarce time! I'll let you know.

1) iPad skills to speed up work

When creating goods, it is necessary to go through Adobe Photoshop and illustrations to produce more complete results. And among the various program functions, we Only the tools you need most for the jobI'm going to use. It is the most familiar device for everyone so that even beginners can easily follow Get the most out of your iPadLet's try it.

2) Production-specific production method optimized for ordering

To create a picture with various types of goods, each Efficient production method tailored to the characteristics of goodsIt's important to learn. In my case, I make more than 10 kinds of goods, but the work time is short enough to complete the knife line within 30 minutes. Here are some production-specific production tips I've found to make the most of my scarce time.

3) Share a list of companies you actually use

It takes a lot of time to find out about the production company yourself. So I'd like to share with you a list of all the companies I've ordered or done myself. Spend less time searching and more time working. us:)

4) Advantages and disadvantages of each market, such as Hottrax and Naver Store

I have experienced everything from private goods shops to large stores such as Hottrax Distribution network and stationery brand distribution flowI'll let you know. Let's also look at the pros and cons of various markets such as mail order and smart stores! Considering store fees Price measurement by productWe'll be with you until, so you won't have to worry about preparing for distribution.

From planning to sales,

“All-in-one class” with all the stories I've been looking for

This class does not just focus on digital drawing methods, but has been running a stationery brand so far. Skill know-how developed by myselfI would like to let you know with a lot of. I want to reduce your trial and error based on my experiences! Learn all about characters and branding that many people have been curious about!

So that you don't regret the class you chose I'll tell you all my know-how in detail. Your stationery brand will have been created when you are stubborn in this class. Don't worry, trust me and follow me:)



Mandala Jian

Mandala Jian


I'm Jian, an artist who runs a stationery brand based on cute, cute characters.

I bought an iPad and drew cute pictures as a hobby

It has grown into a stationery brand within a year and continues to generate revenue.

Digital drawing allows you to use all materials on a single tablet

It has the advantage of being able to draw endless corrections and drawings:)

Also, since it is directly converted into a digital file, it can be incorporated into various products, etc.!

I am very grateful for the fact that my favorite hobby is loved by many people and even generated revenue! I hope everyone can share the appeal of digital drawing and the fun and happiness of seeing my drawings in a different way:)



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