Skills You’ll Learn

Basic knowledge for drawing illustrations of people

You can learn how to draw human bodies and faces etc.

Basic balance of the human body and face

You can learn about the basic balance of a skeleton and how to draw by angle

An introductory course on human body structure to learn the basics in 30 minutes! Basic knowledge useful when drawing the whole body of a person

You will learn super basic knowledge about drawing human illustrations from popular Japanese illustrator and manga artist Morichika. This class is a class in which the key points of drawing a human body are condensed in a short time of 30 minutes. In this class, you'll learn the basic parts of the human body and how to balance and arrange them, and be able to draw smoothly in any pose.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will be able to draw the human body in a well-balanced manner
  • You will be able to draw faces and bodies from various angles and poses

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to draw illustrations in earnest from now on
  • Those who tend to lose their balance when drawing illustrations of people
  • Those who want to draw illustrations of people

When you take the course

In class, creators use the paid illustration creation software “Photoshop.”

Two reasons why this class is so special

①[30 minutes] It is easy to understand and can absorb the super basic knowledge of person illustrations in a short time.

②For those who feel “I want to learn more from this creator” after watching, there is content where you can learn more deeply

For those who feel that they “want to know more or learn” about the theme of the class, we have prepared content that allows them to learn more deeply and thoroughly. Please absorb the creators' skills, know-how, and ways of thinking through more serious lessons.

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“It's charming with its atmosphere! Draw one-piece illustrations of people and landscapes”

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Manga artist and illustrator


2009 “Ikimono Zukan” “I'll do my best from tomorrow!” Comic serialization begins. In the same year, I began working as an illustrator after receiving requests for novel covers, etc.

The main production achievements include “Itomichi,” “Solomon's Perjury,” and “Spring Comes to Platform 6. And today, you'll be gone.” “The world is difficult for Ayako Yada,” etc.

Famous comics include “Oh We Are General Miao.”


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