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Skills You’ll Learn

Do you know how to capture hair

I will explain the key points for capturing hair by dividing it into “bangs,” “side hair,” and “back hair.”

Do you know how to draw different hairstyles that live until character design

We'll introduce over 15 variations of hairstyles! Unleash your knowledge and techniques to express even the inner world of characters with hairstyles.

Do you know how to paint hair

You'll be able to paint textured hair using shadows, highlights, and reflected light.

Learn how to draw hair in this video!

Hair is important for a character to look vibrant and attractive.

“I want to draw soft hair, but it feels stiff.”

“I can't write three-dimensionally in the first place, so it feels flat.”

It is a class where you can solve various problems in one fell swoop.

If you watch this video, it will blow away all the worries related to hair and say, “If you draw hair like this, you can draw it well! Drawing is fun!” You should be able to think that.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will gain confidence in how to draw hair
  • You will be able to draw hair that matches the character
  • By memorizing patterns, they can be applied with a high degree of reproducibility

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who don't have confidence in drawing or painting hair
  • Those who want to express characters through hair expression
  • Those who like Naoki Saito's works

When you take the course

The creators use Photoshop, but please take the course with your favorite tool.

What makes this class so special

① Lots of ways to draw hair that you can use right away

“Complete Edition” course on how to draw hair. It is explained in more detail than what is on YouTube. Each pattern is explained, so you can immediately apply it to your own work.

② Painting techniques are also explained

By utilizing shadows, highlights, and reflected light, you will be able to express a more three-dimensional, smoother texture of the hair.

③ Easy to understand with element data

Distribute the element files used in the video. You can learn practically by drawing in the same way while watching videos.



Naoki Saito

Naoki Saito

Illustrator and YouTuber.

Born in 1982. Born in Yamagata. After graduating from Tama Art University, he worked for a game company and is currently freelancing.

He is the main illustrator for “Pokémon Card Illustrator” and the game “Dragaria Lost,” and is responsible for coloring the comic “Baki.”

Information such as “drawing improvement techniques” is also being distributed on the YouTube channel.





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