Using an illustrator program
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2-3 hours to complete one class project.

  • [Pattern design] stripe/check/dot geometric pattern

  • [Pattern design] Floral pattern

  • [Pattern Design] Diamond & Oji Pattern

  • [Product] Your own pattern fabric

  • [Product] Heavy steel notebook & round sticker

  • [Product] Square Envelopes & Envelopes

Skills You’ll Learn

How to design basic geometric patterns

Learn basic and commonly used patterns such as stripes, checks, and hounstooth.

Various pattern design techniques

Learn various pattern techniques such as floral patterns, ombre patterns, and diamond patterns.

Pattern refit method and fabric production method

Learn about pattern refit (the principle of pattern repetition) and learn how to produce fabric with a pattern I designed.

Making a fabric swatch

I understand how to make my own fabrics and create and manage fabric swatches.

How to use pattern design

Learn how to use pattern design, such as design stationery and fabric products.

Basic usage of the Illustrator program

Learn the basics of using an illustrator to create patterns.

Hello, I'm Kang Boram, a designer at a pattern shop.

Using patterned and designed fabrics, they make various accessories necessary for everyday life, such as pouches, bags, curtains, and cushions. Enjoyable pattern lifeI'm enjoying it.

Draw a pattern, engrave a pattern.

The appeal of patterns is endlessI also feel and learn this year after year. The people who learned about it were those who participated in the pattern class. Car designer, editorial designer, furniture designer, interior designer, illustrator, stationery designer, sewing designer, webtoon writer, Western painter, culinary researcher, baker, math teacher, doll clothes designer..

Experts from various occupations participated in the pattern class because they wanted to incorporate patterns into their work. While watching it, I was also able to experience a wide range of ideas about the scope of application of pattern design indirectly. So in this class A way to create patterns and use them in various places such as fabrics and design textsYou'll find out until!

Fundamentals of pattern design, geometric pattern design

Patterns can be designed using both Illustration and Photoshop programs, but in this class Design a pattern with an illustratorI've prepared how to do it.

Even those who don't feel comfortable drawing can get started! First, let's design a geometric pattern with a simple shape. You can design an endless variety of patterns with just shapes. Patterns have a completely different feel depending on how you arrange a single motif, what color you apply, and how you repeat it, so you will unknowingly experience pattern healing as you work.:)

Design a signature pattern.

As a source, a hand-drawn line drawing or a drawing drawn with an illustrator program My own patternI'm going to design.

There are many beautiful patterns and beautiful fabrics in the world. Beyond buying them as a consumer Thoughts I want to design myself, Haven't you tried it? When I draw a pattern just for myself that strikes my heart and make it out of fabric, the pleasure brings a different sense of excitement than when I was a consumer.

Of course, there will be challenges when working. I've drawn a pattern, but how should I arrange it, color it, and repeat it? Don't worry Pattern size, color, and arrangement method In this class, I will try to learn step by step. You'll be able to arrange them nicely and complete a useful design!

I make a fabric with my own pattern.

Once you've finished the pattern, it's too much of a waste to just look at it on a monitor. If you make it out of fabric, it will be used much more. If there is a fabric product I would like to make, making the fabric would be a very exciting task.

A method of printing a digital file on a fabric by printing it DTP fabricI'm going to try to make it. Let's also learn how to reduce mistakes when creating. In this way, the class shared everything from pattern design methods to fabric production methods, so that even after completing the class course, each person Create designs and create productsWe will do it so that you can continue your enjoyable pattern life.

Homemade design stationery

You'll also learn how to make heavy iron notes, envelopes, envelopes, and round stickers with patterns you've designed yourself. Wouldn't it be even more proud if I designed an envelope to express my gratitude to someone for the holidays?

Level up your expertise! FABRIC SWATCH

If you make a fabric swatch, you can organize the fabric so that it's easy to see at a glance, and it's also great to take care of the fabric you've designed as it increases. Above all, if you organize it like this, it will lead to a more professional job, right?

A crooked picture of a child with a crooked charm as a pattern

The crooked picture of a child is full of charm in itself. It's not just a picture drawn that is straight and looks the same as the real thing, as if it were measured with a ruler, and is not the only thing that is beautiful and highly complete. By arranging them to match the picture, applying colors... and filling in these design elements, the product can be as complete as possible.

Continue your fun pattern life!

If you draw your own pattern with a pattern shop, and even create a fabric with your own design pattern that imbues your own taste, I can't explain the satisfaction in any way. Once you make a good pattern design file, you can leave it behind and make a variety of products, and its use is wider than you might think, so you can do it with fabric Diverse hobbiesYou can enjoy it until Through this class I hope you can enjoy a fun pattern life in the future!

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Basic Patterns - Geometric Patterns Designed with Illustrator


3 ways to understand and work with pattern repeats


4 types of refit jobs with various patterns


Convert line drawings into illustration files and design patterns


From planning to designing your own signature pattern


Making real DTP fabric


Pattern design applications


Pattern product production


Congratulations to the class stubbornness!




“I draw a pattern. I will engrave a pattern'

The pattern shop started in 2014 until now. We share and share the joy of pattern life through pattern classes. I draw what I see and feel in everyday life as a pattern, and design it with a pattern. We also make fabric products and stationery products.


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