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As a photoshop or illustrator
11 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • (Photoshop) Typography poster using radial blur

  • (Photoshop) Typography poster using Gaussian Blur

  • (Photoshop) Poster using wave distortion

  • (Photoshop) Poster using gradients

  • (Illustrator) Poster using blend+zigzag

  • (Illustrator) Poster using blend+mesh

  • (Illustrator) Typography poster using blends

  • (Illustrator) Typography using blends poster 2

  • (Photoshop+Illustrator) Poster using mesh tools, Gaussian blur, and noise

  • (PHOTOSHOP+ILLER) Typography poster using blends and halftones

  • (PHOTOSHOP+ILLER) Posters using 3D and halftones

Skills You’ll Learn

Getting started with graphic design

What led me to graphic design and the process
Let me introduce it to you!

Explore the features of Photoshop and Illustrator

It's a tool I use often, but I haven't had a chance to use it
Let's find out what features you need for artwork!

How to express your desired artwork

With easy and simple features
Feel free to express the artwork in your head!

Using various gradients

A variety that is not simple
You can learn how to use gradients!

Creating dynamic typography

Vibrant with blur and blend functions
I can create typography!

3D modeling with Illustrator

You don't need to learn 3D tools separately
Improve your artwork skills with simple modeling!

Using design mockups

Use high quality mockups
Let's add a three-dimensional effect to the flat design result!

Upload your design portfolio

Through the global design network Behance
Let's grow as a designer!

Using graphic artwork in practice

Artwork skills you've worked hard to develop
Here are some tips for practical use!

With Adobe graphic design trend designers

Want to learn graphic artwork?

Hello, I worked as a designer at a software development company, advertising agency, web agency, etc. Song Ho-jong, a designer who uses Behance as an archive and is currently working as a freelance designer That's it! I'll show you the process of how I was officially introduced to Adobe.

A stable designer life at the company

My unquenchable thirst for graphic artwork

I have been building various portfolios while working as a design employee at the entire company. However, there were parts that were hard to fill. It's about my craving for work.I wanted to live a more enterprising life, and I began to think about my weapon as a designer. Since then Taking advantage of the visual design strengths recognized by many directors, I began to express what I liked and wanted to draw.

At first, I started as a hobby. To work efficiently within a limited time I began to express things I knew well, things I loved, and things around me. NowI started uploading them one by one to Behance and Dribbble because I wanted to do it. Many foreigners began to be more and more interested in the steadily accumulating work, and I began to focus more and more on posting my work.

Daily poster design project, and the opportunity I came up with

Empowered by a growing number of responses For a year, I worked on a daily poster design project where I designed one poster every day. Whether I was working overtime or having a dinner party, I came home and designed my own poster.

As we worked together every day, we naturally ran out of ideas, I started looking for inspiration in things I usually liked. My favorite movies, music, and on some days I used to look for oriental paintings and Buddhist tanghwa to get a different color. Every time I got so much new inspiration, I made a new poster every day.

Somehow, my posters were designed with a variety of colors and shapes, and the response to the works was increasing day by day.. Lots of likes and comments, and lots of questions from designers wondering how they worked! I spent a whole day replying to them in flimsy English. Every day I enjoyed the joys I didn't feel when I was working at the company, and I began to step up my work even more.

Featured in Adobe's official design magazine!

Then one day I got a call from a company called Adobe that created Photoshop and illustrations

I definitely want to introduce your poster design as a 2019 design trend.

Since entering the Adobe Graphic Design Trend Color category, I have also had opportunities for interviews and exhibitions with many domestic media outlets. Currently working as a freelance designer, I am collaborating with various domestic and overseas companies.

What you need most to get a good design is inspiration!

Have you ever sat in front of a computer trying to design better, but didn't know where or how to start? I don't get any inspiration when I search through reference sites, and learning about a new program can be expensive, so time is tight.However, if you learn “how to express my favorite everyday things in a short time”, design Your work will be much lighter and more enjoyable.

What if you could create 3D with an illustrator?

Even if you don't know how to handle 3D tools, you can add the illustrator's 3D modeling function and simple Photoshop retouching to create three-dimensional and vivid artwork! You no longer need to worry about 3D programs or have a sense of debt! I'll give you more know-how and tips on combining the features of Illustrator and Photoshop!

Various tools needed for free expression

I'll tell you step by step.

You don't have to learn a new program to work on a design. It's a Photoshop and illustrator tool that I usually use often, but it's hard to access hidden features! I'd like to show you how to freely express your inspiration by applying mesh, blur, and 3D functions, and various gradation and distortion effects!

Even if you learn the essential tools correctly, you can express your inspiration in a much more diverse way. Facing every day in the menu window It's a familiar tool Mesh tools, blend tools, etc. It's easy with tools I never had a chance to use I'll show you the effective functions and methods. You'll be able to make an impactful graphic design.

How to create opportunities with my design portfolio

You wouldn't be satisfied looking at these wonderful designs all on your own, right? We'll also show you various opportunities and how to continue your career through various portfolio platforms. Designers are passionate and grow as they continue to open up and interact with their own work!

More designs completed through mockups Three-dimensional, realistic packagingI'll also show you how to collaborate with various designers & companies through the Hago portfolio site. Let me also tell you how the role of a designer and the scope of work differ in various positions, from corporate life to freelancing I have no doubt that you will be a much better designer than me.

Learn from a graphic designer to create your own unique graphic artwork,
I'll share my tips and know-how with you. Would you like to join us? :)

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Graphic artwork design that makes it easy for anyone to improve their skills


How to deal with graphic design


Research on gradients and colors


Learn more about the core features of Photoshop


Create a poster using the core features of Photoshop


Learn more about Illustrator's core features


Create a poster using Illustrator's core features


Create a poster by mixing the core features of Photoshop and illustration


Use artwork results through mockups


How to manage Behance activities and portfolios


Link between graphic artwork and practical design


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




Hello, I'm Song Ho-jong, a 7th year graphic/UI designer. After working as a software developer and advertising agency, I am currently working as a freelance designer. I am also active in private work through an archive called Behance. I don't just use design as a job, but I want to have fun incorporating it into my life as a whole. I like to have fun working without being tied to a format. We will do our best to provide you with a lot of help.



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