11 chapters · 9 hours 30 minutes
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Ai, Ps, Ae, tablet
8 Class Projects

It takes about 1-2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Draw flowers with illustrator

  • Make your own pattern

  • Night of fireworks

  • Paintings that tell your own story

  • Using Text and Texture

  • Animation basics 1

  • fluttering flower animation

  • baby new animation

Skills You’ll Learn

lines, colors, gradients

You can draw various styles of pictures with Illustrator.

Color training

By using color fluidly, I develop my own eye for color.

Use Illustrator wisely

Draw simply and easily by applying the various functions of Illustrator.

In-depth illustrations

Try designs and textures using letters to create a different atmosphere.

After effects basics

Learn the basics of After Impact.

After effects application

Use effects and expressions cleverly and easily create the desired motion.

Create GIF files

Finally, you'll learn how to make a GIF file.

However, within 5 seconds

Images that tell a story

Snapchat White Day (2020)

A fairytale-like animation, short but storytelling motion graphicsIf you want to make one, I'll let you know. An incumbent animator and illustrator tells me firsthand Motion graphics embody your imaginationI prepared it.

Attractive illustrations that penetrate various industrieswith Motion graphics you can't stop watchingI will tell you all so that you can do it too.


I'm Kim Shin-young, an illustrator.

Naver Special Logo (2019)

Christmeow (2019)

Snapchat Liberation Day (2018)

Tous Les Jours Christmas Package (2019)

Hello, I'm Kim Shin-young, and I'm working on illustrations. Also, I Illustrator who does videoI like to introduce it. I like creating a single image, but Adding movement makes the image come to lifeI think so.

Through animation work with motion graphics KuConduct commercial work along with personal activitiesI'm doing it!


  • Naver
  • Les Jours
  • Lotte World Mall
  • Haagen-Dazs
  • Snapchet
  • SM Entertainment
  • Gucci, etc.

🖥 hysteresis

  • 2016 ~ 2017 | Working as a director at Studio Cobb
  • 2017~ Present | Working as a freelance designer

Your own imagination

Complete with motion graphics!

Song of the Night and the Stars (2016)

✅ The basics of animation, Line/color/gradient

✅ Eye-catching curler

✅ Using letters artwork

✅ Move naturally motion graphics

Do you want to create a scene from a fairy tale yourself? Even a complete beginner can do it! From the basics to motion graphics that add richness I'll let you know it's all in one.

What you imagined through actual practice I'm going to embody that scene with an illustration. herewith Completed with motion graphics with a rich storyI will!

Design just what you need

Let me tell you about motion graphics.

GucciGram (2016)

My imagination Expressing without any restrictions is an illustrationramen, in the imagination Animation is the one that can bring out the most emotionIt's. Just 2 tools Complete an attractive animationI'll let you know so I can do it!


Listen to all of these classes rather than just learning the tools Worked together so that you can actually apply itI'll do it. I know that writing a story from the beginning isn't as easy as you might think. Also, if you only learn the features, it's much harder to find your own style. So based on my know-how, I pulled out a story that was actually in my head but was difficult to pull out, and this How to structure and direct specifically through a systematic process through actual workI'll let you know if.

2 ️ Using 100% Illustrator

Instead of obvious features The most commonly used method for actual workI deduced it as. I need to be able to completely handle the lines and aspects to achieve the image I imagined.

On a well-sketched base With After Effects, you'll be able to draw neatly vector images, including flowers/patterns/pictures.

3 ️ Breathe Life

Through After Effects Key Frame, which is the basis of movementFrom Offset for smooth animationsI will let you know.

Basic movementsAfter learning the image, it looks like the wind is blowing Flirty motionThe image looks fresh every time I look at it Random motionYou will be able to complete rich motion graphics through!

Instead of many features

Complete it with some essential features.

Illustrator workflow

When I first started motion graphics, I learned so many features all at once, but I was struggling because they weren't familiar with it. But right now It was selected from a few of the functions I use and worked more efficiently than beforeI'm doing it.

This class Prepared to make it easy for beginners to get started with essential featuresI did. There are lots of features in the program, but you don't actually need to know them all. What you want to draw With functions that effectively help Motion graphics wiselyI'm ready to learn!

Let's start with me motion graphics that speed up work and improve the quality of work.



Shinyoung Kim

Shinyoung Kim

Hallo I'm Kim Shin-young, an illustrator and animator who likes colorful work. With clients such as Haagen-Dazs, Snapchette, Gucci, SM Entertainment, Lotte World Mall, Les Jours, and Naver with works in my own colors I am active in various fields such as music videos, animation, and packaging illustration both domestically and internationally.

Eden (2015)

Song of the Night and the Stars (2016)

Haagen-Dazs Mozzi Packaging (2017/2018)

Les Jours Christmas Packaging (2019)



Shinyoung Kim

Shinyoung Kim

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