12 chapters · 16 hours 6 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

5 Class Projects

It takes about 1-4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Basic animation

  • Applied animation

  • Psychological test video

  • book review video

  • Self-development videos

Skills You’ll Learn

Interface and basic description

Learn the interface and basic functions of animation tools.

Animation basics

Learn the basics of animation

Let's create basic animations

After learning the basics, I will try to make actual videos

Create an application animation

Let's make an application animation with a slightly higher level of difficulty

Making a psychological test video

Let's make a fun psychological test video

Create a book review video

It's time to make a book review video just like a video on YouTube.

Making self-development videos

Create videos on the theme of self-development.

A “YouTuber” that everyone else says

Were you afraid to reveal your face?

It's a world where 1 out of 4 employees is a YouTuber.

However, 68.3% of office YouTubers say that it is burdensome for the company or colleagues to recognize faces.

without a face Run enough YouTube channels with good qualityYou can do it.

and Channels that are actually making moneyThere are also many.

  • 430,000 YouTube Channels [book*] - Korea
  • 220,000 YouTube Channels [Bookall*] - Korea
  • 1.9 million YouTube channels [Psychological Psycho****] - Overseas

What is the estimated average revenue of these channels At least 2.76 million won per month (Front ad revenue not included)

How much does it cost to invest in running a YouTube channel?

According to the survey results, content preparation, equipment purchases, labor costs, etc. An average of 1.5 million won It takes about a minute.

If you take this class Less than the cost of coffee per monthEverything is solved with.

That's pretty easy, too!

What makes this possible Video Scribe (Video Scribe)It's an animation production tool called.

High quality videos quickly and easily, even for beginners!

I'm sure you've seen this kind of video on YouTube before and it's amazing!

A tool called Video Scribe is a tool that can create videos that draw animations on whiteboard paper.

  • “It's easy to use.” Simply insert and play over 4,500 images and icons to create an expression as easily as drawing a picture.
  • “A non-expert is like an expert” : Anyone can create a differentiated video without having to learn detailed video editing, shooting techniques, or design.
  • “Video production is possible at a low cost.” You can produce high-quality videos without purchasing expensive shooting equipment or editing programs.

Because of these advantages, it is already being used by many YouTubers and millions of people at home and abroad, and Video Scribe is the best tool to start YouTube without showing your face.

It's easy to make videos like this!

Hello! I'm the creator Hamil.

Currently Naver Cafe 'Gutnook Business'It operates.

A community of people who work on a side job or a side job gatherIt's.

I want to do YouTube after having a lot of conversations with people who are struggling “I'm reluctant to reveal my face.”I've heard a lot of stories about.

There are many great ways to run YouTube without showing your face, but I'm sorry for those who can't even get started, so I decided to create a class!

You think it would be difficult because it's an animation?

It's not! It's an automatic animation, so you only need to add one image and the program will draw it for you!

So you don't have to be scared!!!

Animation production is so easy...?

What can I learn?

It's a really easy but unfamiliar animation tool because it's an automatic animation program, and for those who are starting out for the first time From basics to practice I included it in the curriculum!

It's an automatic animation, so it's easy to use, but I found it difficult to know what to start with when actually making a video, so I gave up before making a video.

From the class to a hands-on course where you can repeatedly create videos to be posted on YouTube I've included it.

STEP 1. Interface and basic animation

Learn the basic elements that make up an animation, deal with images and text, and create a very simple video on the theme of “quotes.”

STEP 2. Apply animations by increasing the difficulty level

You can add Hangul text, but the fonts are limited, which was disappointing! I will also try how to add the desired font and create a chart.

Let's make an animation video with “poetry” together!

STEP 3. This time it's live!

You'll record your voice or create an audio file using a free dubbing program, and learn how to import more types of images, background music, and how to add subtitles for free!

Based on this, I will create videos with concepts that can actually be used on YouTube, such as book reviews, videos related to self-development, and psychological tests.

 베스트셀러, 퇴근후 스마스 스토어로 투잡하기

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Plus a bonus chapter

We've prepared a full range of content to help you actually make YouTube videos:)

It doesn't just end with using tools Because our goal is to make videos that can be uploaded to YouTube!

So that I can make YouTube videos by myself!

From video planning, which is the process of making actual YouTube videos, to using functions, production, and editing

This is a class that is repeated many times, so you can make a great video on your own even after taking the course.

So let's become a faceless YouTuber now?

The class in question Video Scribe programIt will be conducted using.

  • The program must be purchased separately for a smooth course. Details such as how to buy and install will be announced in class.
  • Program pricing information, etc. can be found on the VideoScribe website.
  • The PC used by creator Hamil is a WINDOW operating system. You can also take the course content on a MAC operating system, but there may be differences in methods such as using shortcuts.
  • The class was created with VideoScribe v3.6






Currently doing business from every corner This is Hamil who is doing it.

A lot of people are interested in YouTube I know you're afraid of disclosing your face I have prepared for this class.

Start YouTube with a simple video!

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