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We support everyone aiming for a “beginner's escape”!

In this course, I will make the most of the knowledge I learned at the beginner level and pass on my know-how to the maximum so that I can get out of the dilemma of “being able to write but not being able to speak”.

I recommend it to people like this.

  1. I've studied all the way from beginning to beginning, but I don't know what I can do and what I can't do
  2. I don't have the opportunity to output alone, so I don't know how to practice
  3. There are too many basic words to memorize and I'm going to get frustrated
  4. I managed to work hard until the beginner level, but the intermediate level is too difficult to maintain motivation...
  5. I can understand it by reading letters, but listening and conversation don't improve easily

What you'll learn in this class

In addition to the basic problems of “speaking, listening, writing, and reading,” we will proceed while thinking together not only about simply “explanation - practice questions,” but also about solutions to problems and ways of thinking about “Korean language learning” as a whole.

From the problems I have actually overcome myself, I will deliver points that are difficult to learn with books alone in an easy-to-understand manner, taking advantage of the advantages unique to videos.

Not limited to beginner and intermediate students, we have devised ways to “learn while having fun without getting bored” while scattering learning methods and applied tips that “even beginners don't lose sight of” everywhere.





I think the appeal of “Korean language instructors” is that they can share feelings with students because they are the same Japanese people.

Creator Interviews

Q. Why is your teacher teaching Korean?

A. It's been 12 years since I lived in Korea. I've lived there ever since I turned 20, so the foundation of my life is entirely Korea. “My Own Korean,” which is tightly packed with 12 years of experience, is full of special memories.

However, I don't think 12 years is “special because it's a long time.”

For example, I know that there are many people who have their own thoughts and are working hard to nurture them with care, whether it's a one-hour free talk with a native speaker or the Korean language learned during a three-week short-term study abroad.

I think the appeal of “Korean language instructors” is that they can share feelings with students because they are the same Japanese people.

Q. What do teachers usually do?

A. I usually teach Korean online and collaborate with companies like this one. However, there is a limit to 1:1 lessons, so we are currently developing an online salon so that we can support more students!

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Thankfully, many people believe in “teacher, teacher,” and come to learn, but at the same time I am a lecturer, I am also one of the same Korean language learners as you.

As for the production of this course, while I was scratching my head and making it, everyone's requests and concerns themselves made me grow as a lecturer.

If you run into a wall or slump and have a difficult time, I would be happy if my presence would lead to everyone's courage, even a little bit, saying, “I'm sure Konomi sensei has overcome this period.”



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