9 chapters · 9 hours 37 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

Skills You’ll Learn

Be able to read Hangul fluently!

While practicing pronunciation, I will explain the points that Japanese people stumble upon.

Daily conversation in Korean

Let's memorize and use contextual phrases!

I can speak Korean! You can watch Korean dramas without subtitles!

Let's check how far you can hear and speak through practical exercises.

So that even one person can continue learning

I will tell you the secret memorization method and the attitude to learn alone.

Even those who have just started Korean

Even those who want to start over with the basics


You'll learn something like this.


First of all, in this class, I aim to be able to fluently read “Hangul” characters that are difficult for Japanese people to pronounce by practicing pronunciation with me.


Second, as you repeat the conversation catch with me, little by little you will be able to do everyday Korean conversation.

Finally, I feel confident that “I can speak in Korean and watch Korean dramas without subtitles,” and I will be able to learn alone.


Let's work hard together!


Thank you


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1. Those who want to learn Korean but don't know how to study alone

2. Those who have been studying Korean for years but can't speak it when it comes to emergency

3. Those who want to watch dramas without subtitles & those who want to learn ready-to-use Korean



Twoi Mingu

Twoi Mingu

I am a Korean language teacher who graduated from a Japanese national university and is still living in Japan.

Since 2015, I have given Korean lessons with over 500 Japanese people. So that learning is easy to understand and fun! I'm trying to do that.

My dream is to create a cafe and Korean language class where Japanese and Korean people can interact in Shin-Okubo, a Korean town in Tokyo. I work hard every day to make that dream come true.

One of them is a Youtube activity, and currently they also teach Korean on their Youtube channel, which has 50,000 subscribers.

In CLASS101, we will be posting content that has not been published on Youtube!

Creator Interviews

Q. Why is your teacher teaching Korean?

A. I have loved teaching people since I was young, and when I was in high school, I taught English to my friends and juniors. Then, when I was attending university in Japan, I decided to teach Korean. I also had confidence in teaching, so the number of students attending naturally increased.

At that time, I was constantly thinking about how I could teach in an easier to understand manner, and whether I could get people to understand it, and my teaching method. There were times when I felt that time was difficult, but I prepared for classes every day with a feeling of gratitude for being able to work and live my life doing what I liked.

The more I taught Korean, the more I felt it. What is important in learning a language is not only studying at a desk, but also communicating with natives. I've decided on a dream. It's about creating a cafe where Japanese and Korean people can freely interact together with Korean language classes in Shin-Okubo, which is a Korean town in Japan!

I start my day every morning imagining that dream will come true. I think being able to convey Korean to more people in an easy-to-understand manner is a shortcut to making that dream come true!

Q. What do teachers usually do?

A. We operate Korean language classes in Tokyo. In addition, information about Korean and Korea is disseminated through Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Q. Please give a word to the students!

A. I won't say long! Let's use the Korean language you've learned right away!

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