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I only invest in stocks

I achieved financial freedom.

Starting with 20 million won in October 2010, I revealed my monthly course until the moment I achieved wealth with 2.5 billion assets in 2016 without a single month's rest, whether I earned or lost money.

  • From the days of Cyworld where they earned 2 million won per month
  • The moment I earned 10 million won a month for the first time
  • Everything was revealed until the moment I first earned 100 million won per month.

From the days of mini homepages

Published trading journal

To 20 million won

The trading journal that made 100 million

July 2, 2011

After that, at Naver Cafe

Subsequent journals

Investment Contest Microaccount Journal

The education account withdraws the proceeds directly to prevent the principal amount from increasing

Even now, once a year, I always go to an investment competition where even a small account is transparently disclosed, and I am verifying for myself that I am steadily making a profit of about 10% per month.

Even in a market where the index fell sharply after the lecture

I am constantly testing my skills on my own.

Below is also the resulting value.

If I split my account to 100 million, the return would be close to 100%

My goal is not to promote based on this kind of thing

It doesn't make sense because it's for the purpose of verifying one's own skills.

주식 대회 참가_1

▶ Participate in stock competition_1

주식 대회 참가_2

▶ Participate in stock competition_2

Below are the 2 accounts used for the actual tournament.

What should I learn from such a person?

:How to create a strategy to make money on your own

I've met with thousands of people over the year since 2019 and said that a crisis will come soon, and we should use that crisis as an opportunity. properly A year later, the index in March 2020 plummeted, leading to a crisis, and an opportunity from a one-year surgeYou will be able to taste it.

March 2019: Why we can't take advantage of the crisis and how to overcome it

March 2019: I told you that there will be a sharp rise one year after the crisis.

March 19, 2020 To the Naver community that I run, “This is my first time studying money,” I invested most of my assets in stocksHaving said that, I wrote everything about how to respond if there is a further decline in the future.

What am I going to teach?

My teaching principles are pretty simple.

I only teach what I've done.

As an insignificant part of this class

As a scenario revealed in the bonus video (May 25th)

I bought it on June 22 and made a profit in exactly 3 days.

Public coin microaccounts (experts who manipulate reviews

There were a lot of them, so I deliberately took a mid-middle snapshot with a PC)

Account on the day of purchase on June 22nd

Check out the reviews by publishing a sport

(As I said in the scenario, they say they buy about 10% of the total assets

And the fact that they actually bought 1 billion is when you come to a cafe after being stubborn

You can check it out)

Experts revised their reviews with coins, so only assets held

Since it is often disclosed, I will continue to publish it on a PC like this.

Only one account bought 200 million in 3 days to certify a profit of 60 million won

If you do this, you'll make money.

  • This is how you invest in stocks
  • Do value investing like this
  • Do a company analysis like this
  • Do this for US stocks
  • Do this for Korean stocks
  • Do a chart analysis like this
  • Do this for music trading
  • Do beekeeping sales like this
  • Do swing investing like this
  • Do this for short-term trading
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

In the meantime, you've all watched a lot of lectures like the one above, right?

What they have in common 'Do it like this' It's.

why? They say that if you do that, you'll make money.

By the way.

가르치는 사람이 가르치는 내용으로 돈을 번 흔적이 없다면? 이런 교육이 의미가 있나요?

▶ What if the teacher doesn't have any signs of making money from the content they teach? Does this kind of education make sense?

As the stock market is almost bustling, just like in the past Countless entrepreneurs are entering this market. You'll learn in class, but I've received suggestions from countless entrepreneurs over the past hour.

But what if If I had become rich by making money from business, my education would have been business education rather than stock investment education and money education.

Because I became rich only by investing in stocks

My thoughts on stock investment that I learned in the process

I'm going to let you know how.

What you'll get if you complete this class to the end,

I can promise 3 things.

  1. I'll improve your eye for the world with a new perspective on money. I'll also show you how to invest from such a new perspective as taught.
  2. As a result, we will enable you to fully grow for yourself without being shaken by other people anymore.
  3. We will do our best to make you feel that this is the best time and money spent this year.

People who must listen to this course

  • People who are interested in money for the first time
  • A person who is always swayed by others making money
  • People who are always uneasy even when they see profits
  • A person who buys stocks and only looks at cell phones all day long
  • A person whose current account has been stagnant for a very long time
  • A person who wants to change the main character of my life to me
  • A person who wants to live a rich life studying money and stocks for the rest of their lives
  • A person who wants to achieve wealth by working hard on their own for a long time


I've been studying money and teaching money for 16 years

I'm JB, a full-time investor.

[Gifts from those who enjoyed the opportunity after the lecture]

I also paid tens of millions of won in tuition

There was a time when I listened to a lecture.

In the past, I traveled all over the country to learn most of the lectures of famous people in Korea. However, I have lived my life falling into the “knowledge trap” where I know a lot and have learned a lot, but there are fewer and fewer things I can do.

As a lecturer because of the business and channel I mentioned earlier

I learned how to invest from people who eat and live.

There are many experts who provide instruments and information, but not many experts who provide experience. All I can give you is I'll tell you exactly what you should study and learn on your own, and how you should spend time on your own without getting bogged down.

Below is a video showing 80% of my standards. After that

Among all YouTube videos made in South Korea, the video with the fastest number of views will rise to the 5th place.

Kim Jak Ga TV, a YouTube channel that appeared on the air, revealed special standards here at the request of a friend who watched me from when I lost money by investing in stocks to when I earned 2 million won and until now.

What you'll learn will be specific about how the standards revealed in that video are created, how they should be used, and in what direction you should study.

Also, the tone and manners are similar to that video, so be sure to watch the video and apply when you don't feel uncomfortable.

2016 stock investment only

I made a declaration of wealth with net assets of 2.5 billion won.

Disclosure of accounts with net assets of 2.5 billion won at the time and

A video of a trading journal that earns 2-3 billion dollars per month has been released

In my 20s, I spent most of my time investing in stocks

I started in my 30s and became rich with stocks after 5 years.

In my 30s, I spent most of my time starting a business

Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm trying to start a business.

Start preparing with a small amount of money to the rich

It only took 10 years.

I still have a small amount of money to start a business and real estate

I can't complete the process of starting and achieving wealth

I can't teach others honestly

In the past, before I became rich with stocks

There are quite a few people from my writing or trading journal

Like the people around me are getting rich right now

I will also be sharing my experiences so far from time to time.

[Proof] Skills regardless of trading techniques or investment period!

I only post recent sales results because posting more photos other than the proof of profit photos below doesn't make sense anymore and I can only be proud of them. I am Both value investment and short-term trading can be done leisurely, and beekeeping trading and negative trading You can do it all.

How is that possible?

It's not about focusing on small techniques, but on the principle of the biggest moneyYou must learn it first. If you understand the principles of money, you can understand the principles of stock investment, and if you learn techniques after understanding the principles of stock investment, you can fully understand the method.

There are countless techniques on the market that are the best weapon for someone, but

This is the reason for the worst results for some people.

So this class teaches you the basic skills to digest 100% of the lessons you take about money in the future, and how you can convert any knowledge you learn to your own standards, even after the class is over

Continuously grow on your own

My goal is to create a “full-time investor.”

Value investment, long-term investment

Proof of profit

Lecture time March 2021 Madowswing

Proof of profit

Short-term trading chart trading

[From March 1, '21 to now, a holding house]

[June to August bullish market]

If you look at the journal, it's a short-term account that trades every day rather than 1-2 stocks and earns profit from luck.

If so, when the principal amount was small

At the crash site of that period?

In August 2011, the Korean stock market crashed much higher than in March of last year. Over 5 trading days, a whopping -22% index plummeted.

Ten years ago, I had standards that were very similar to today

Earn high profits by trading according to principles.

This class is broadly divided into 2 categories.

  1. Time to explore the principles of money
  2. Time to explore the principles of stocks

If I could fully understand how the two principles are combined

You can use this method for most of your life, such as starting a business, doing business, real estate, and coins

You will realize the truth for yourself..

If that happens, what is your perspective on life

It will be divided into before and after taking this course..

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

I will politely reject these people.

  • People who think they can get rich without effort
  • A person who chose to invest in stocks as part of a refuge
  • People who want to get a special secret with hundreds of thousands of won medical treatment
  • A person whose goal is to make hundreds of dollars in a year
  • A person who only wants to acquire knowledge in order to become an expert rather than an investor
  • A person who hopes for a different tomorrow without changing my present
  • A person who already has their own standards and is ranked as a master


The investment market is the only space where a situation where 1+1 = 2 does not occur.

So if you already have your own trading standards or are firm in your own investment principles, never listen to this course

This is because I want you to grow further by adding experience to your own knowledge rather than new knowledge and creating your own deep investment standards.



The IMF came in 1997

A family fell apart due to that crisis. A young man from the GED because he couldn't attend middle or high school takes the GED and enters the Department of Business Administration at a four-year local night university with the intention of becoming an investor.

In order to learn about stocks, I read most Korean books on value investment, attended most of the lectures organized by securities companies, and traveled around the country to listen to lectures.

By learning about value investing, they rejected short-term trading, and sometimes they turned all short-term traders into speculators. As a result, they began to buy stocks and began earning 3-4 times the principal amount in just 1-2 years. People around me were talking about the fact that they should do stocks, that they should invest in value, and that only then can they succeed.

The 2007 subprime

It came without warning

All profits other than the principal amount will be lost after 1 year. Since then, I've been searching for countless experts, but most of them lost a lot of money in less than 2-3 years and disappeared from the market, and only occasionally reappeared under a pseudonym when the market was good.

As such, I feel skeptical about individual investment, and when a securities company representative says that stock investment is not an individual domain, people who say they are the smartest people in Korea eventually quit stocks due to their stories that they write books as stocks but don't make money.

Also, in the process of writing a letter of appeal to join the financial sector through my studies and experience, I discovered the basic principles of very large stocks that I had never discovered in the past, and as a result of that, I gave up on joining the financial sector of large companies and became a full-time investor.

In March 2020, the crisis came, and I became an investor who could take advantage of the crisis, since I had only been harmed by the crisis.

After studying money for 16 years

Teaching money

I'm JB Kim Jong-bong, a full-time investor.

The previous story is my story. If you listen to a story without knowing Ji Soo, you can end up just being unlucky if you watch that story with Ji Su, with Ji Su The reason I didn't know was able to make a lot of money from stocks, and the reason why so many experts are pouring in as much as they are now You can find out.

My books, “It's My First Time Studying Money,” and “The Scenario of Money,” were completed with the hope that at least no one else would spend my difficult days due to wrong experiences in the past.

  1. In the past, I raised the topic of investment methods using indices [for the first time] in the market.
  2. How to take advantage of the crisis through indices was published in the first book of 2018
  3. How to make an investment that wins the index
  4. The details were revealed in the second book and on YouTube.

The investment method I disclosed was always the first in the market, and people were really curious. What's the reason for that? This is because I'm not an expert who conveys theoretical knowledge from the past, and I'm still an investor who earns about 98% of my income through direct investment.

So I said that my point of view was always new, and the reviews from all the previous lectures were similar.

I hope the CEO doesn't show up in Yangji
This is a course that only I want to know
Please don't teach to many people anymore

That's why I left the course on stocks, and the reason I'm starting that course again, because the story is too long, so I'm replacing the link below. If you look at the link below, there are journals from people who learned about stock investing at the time, so I think it would be a good idea to check them out.

[MUST READ] “Now I want to start investment education”

Even though I don't have tens of billions or hundreds of billions

At least I became rich only with my own money, not someone else's money

I'm not the best investor in Korea

At least I raised disciples who didn't lose money and earned a steady income.

It's a brilliant story, and I'm not living a successful life with dynamic profit margins

I can tell you about the lives and investment philosophies of full-time investors who participate in the market every day and face money fiercely to verify themselves.

Would you like to listen to a story about real money with me?





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