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Nice to meet you, I'm running a channel CEO Jeong Tae-ikIt's. I'm here to talk about “arranging my home.”

Arrange my own house?

The first button of real estate investment

For those living in the present age '( my) home'It will have these two meanings.

  1. A space where I spend a lot of time and live
  2. Buildings and land that have economic value and have an investment/property concept

However, the majority of people are still hesitant and afraid to buy a house. Why would that be the case? I think so.

“I know what to buy, but I don't know how to do it”

That's why the real estate class

I made it.

36년간 한국의 주택가격은 장기 우상향 했습니다.

▶ ︎ Housing prices in Korea have been rising for a long time for 36 years.

I've been on YouTube for 5 years and have been communicating with many real estate beginners. The same concerns and questions have always been repeated.

  • Isn't that too expensive now?
  • Should I wait for the subscription..
  • I'm living on a charter basis, but it went up too much. It looked like they were kicked out.
  • I'm a beginner in society. Do people like me have no answers anymore?
  • I've been looking at it since 3 years ago, but I haven't bought a house. It's a divorce crisis.

So what are the challenges for people who really dream of arranging their own home, how do they actually think, act, and make a contract Action guidelines for each reality processI wanted to give it to you.

Don't bet on a drop
My family's life gets tough!

If I buy anything, will it all go up?

Why doesn't my house go up?

The statistics are a combination of both gains and losses. If you buy anything, not all of them will climb. This is why many people hesitate to invest.

If so, what if I knew the formula for increasing house prices and had the ability to determine those factors on my own? If you have an eye for selecting products that can be higher than average from an investment site that is rising in the long term, it is better than anything else A comfortable and safe investmentYou will be able to do

Why invest in real estate?

Even if you don't have a Samsung Electronics stock, it's enough, but life is difficult if you don't have a home. All parents with children will agree. I wonder how difficult it is to live in someone else's house without my own.

Not having Samsung Electronics shares doesn't change my lifeonly What if I have to move a private house? For my family, such as commuting to work, transferring children, moving to school, adaptation time, etc. Tremendous change and painThis happens.

If I buy it, it falls off.

Wouldn't this be the tap now? I'm scared.

This is why it's hard to decide to buy a house. Maybe this is the tap now? That's right. That might be the case. However, the illusion of average also occurs here.

Real estate will never go up and down together. When Seoul was on the rise, local apartments fell out, and conversely, when the province was in flames, house-poor people in Seoul shed tears.

At the end of the day, the key is to arrange a home that suits you. There is no safer investment than buying something that can rise rather than fall in price.

Through this course, you can select items on your own

You can even sign a contract.

Lay out the lecturer's success stories, or so what about that after all? This is not a lecture of In this course, you can learn the following topics:

  1. Methods and ways of thinking to increase investment
  2. How to distinguish good fortune, search for good fortune, and find it yourself
  3. How to select regions and determine investment methods suited to supply and demand
  4. How to find an actual item and schedule a meeting with a broker
  5. How to prevent various types of fraud during field surveys and contract drafting
  6. How to avoid getting hit in the back and lose tens of millions of won because you don't know
  7. How to buy a house and sell it when to sell it
  8. What kind of thoughts should I live with in order to become rich

[!!] After taking the class

It changes like this

  • You will be able to find good goods on your own and select regions and items
  • You will gain an understanding of pricing and learn the concept of fair pricing.
  • I will protect my rights from hyenas looking for a hogu.
  • There are basic principles for investing regardless of changed policies and times.
  • I don't have to worry about insulting others or not having a home anymore.
  • You can determine the investment value of your home and move to a better home.

Of my channel subscribers

A collection of vivid reviews

It's just a few of the comments, so many people are thanking me. I also feel very rewarding to be able to help such people.

Just follow the actual investor's process. The reason I couldn't even look at a book or course is because it only deals with theoretical, general remarks.

It's enough to watch my YouTube videos about the investment mindset. Now it's time to learn some practical skills.

Investing in real estate is not difficult.

It's just hard to explain.

I'll tell you more stories when you enter the lecture. Let's meet in class!

※Read by reading, be careful of open chat rooms not related to class 101※

In addition to the <The Man Who Reads Real Estate > channel below, all channels that have a profile picture of Bu Reading Nam are all channels that have nothing to do with Class 101, so please be careful.



Hello, I'm a man who reads 99,000 YouTubers real estate


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I'm Jeong Tae-ik, a man who reads real estate

Currently, I run 4 companies and work as an investor, educator, counselor, and YouTuber.

I still have vivid memories of living under the ring when I was young. It was around Christmas, and it was a scene where I was happy to run while watching the snow coming through the small window.

There was a wide world beyond a small window, but most people live with the idea that this window is everything in the world. Just like I did when I was a kid.

Not all of us dream of becoming tens of billions rich.

I wish I had a house where my family could live comfortably, and I would like to be a little prepared for the future, even though it's vague that the price of buying one has increased. I want my child to be a little better at studying, but it's not about me wanting to become tens of billions of rich people in our lives.

However, even such a simple goal is not easy.

Because they don't tell anyone the right way. My parents don't know, my friends don't know, and my colleagues at work don't know.

I don't know how to buy a house, and the law is complicated, but I'm afraid of dealing with people like agents, repairers, and tenants.

I wanted to be a starting point for those people to achieve their goals. The kid who lived in Banjiha told me that the outside world is huge and that you can be different, At the age of 21, my life would have been a little different if someone had given me the answer that doing this is a way to prepare to become rich I've thought about it a lot.

I also want to be someone who gives that answer.

I'll share that story and know-how in class 101.


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