Skills You’ll Learn

Choosing what's right for you

Apartment, villa, officetel, urban housing... what kind of auction is right for me?

Find out which mortgage loan is right for you

Check out the loan formula, LTV, DTI, DSR, and everything from loans to Shomin Real Life Consumer Loans.

Auction rights analysis and court bidding

Learn the 3 steps of rights analysis, field visits, and how to bid for a court

How to make an interior that falls in love at first sight

Learn how to make a cost-effective interior at a low cost with real examples

< Even college students can do it for 10 million won

Home Arrangement Wang Beginner Real Estate Auction >

Welcome to the class:)

Hello! Mom Sera Lee Hyun Jung is auctioningIt's.

I started late after giving birth to my third child at the age of thirty-nine

I became the owner of 21 houses after 3 years of auctions.

A book about this experience < I do auctions even if I don't have money>go

Loved by many people, it sold 100,000 copies

He also became a best-selling author. 📒❤

Since then Start investing in real estate with a small amountFor those who want to

We are spreading easy auction know-how tailored to the beginner's eye level. 😊

“To a rotten villa that won a bid of 40 million won

A 100 million charter is possible?!”

(※ Video 1 below released)

Not long ago 23-year-old college student sontooth

Gathered after working part-time for 1 year

Challenge the auction with 7 million won in seed moneyI did it.

After two challenges (received a loan of 33 million won)

Won a bid for an old villa for 40 million wonI got it.

This house has been cleaned and repaired Rent for 80 million wonI placed it.

Currently, the estimated sales price is around 100 millionIt became.

23살 대학생 아들 부동산 투자 사례 / 2천만원으로 자산 1억

▶ Real estate investment case of a 23-year-old college student son/ 20 million won and 100 million assets

“How to be a butler for my friends

It would be nice if you could teach them one by one..!”

(※ Video 2 below released)

📌 Find areas and items where you can bid for a small amount

📌 Write your bid carefully without making mistakes

📌 Making a seal stamp

📌 Interior know-how, etc.

While handing over the auction to my second son

On the premise that you really don't know anything about real estate

They taught me the basics.

I told my investment story to a friend

My friend also told me that he wanted to come and learn about auctions. ^^

The method I'm going to teach you is not a great technique.

It's a method anyone can challenge if they just follow along.

23 year old college studentI mean, too. 😊

“4 books published!

9 years of teaching!

I'll share them all ^^”

📘 <I do an auction even if I don't have money> (2013)

🥇 Bestseller with over 100,000 volumes

📘 <Now it's an auction for money> (2017)

📘 <Follow a random real estate auction> (2019)

📘 <I work less and earn more> (2020)

I can't afford to buy an expensive apartment

I started the auction because I didn't have any money

Won 21 bids in 3 years I was able to receive it.

While leaving a book with these amazing secrets and examples

I also received requests for lectures from many people.

I've been teaching like that for 9 years, and now

Auction experts who teach real estate agenciesThey also work as.

“Seed money is fine at least ^^

Start with the limit of money you have!”

If you don't have the property you inherited

Currently, it is difficult to arrange an apartment in Seoul based on income from work alone.

If you're thinking of collecting a penny or two to buy a house you like

It might take 100 years... (Virtually impossible... ) 😢😢😢

Because house prices are rising faster than saving

realistically Within the seed money I have

Buy a home you can buy as soon as possible.

If you have 10 million won, you can buy a house worth 40 million won,
If you have 100 million won, you can buy a house worth 400 million won.

“Buy at auction at a lower price

+ Remodeling+Increased asset value

=> Sell or rent (pre/rent)”

auctionsIt has the advantage of being able to buy it cheaper than the market price.

I'm a little more affectionate and pretty remodelledIf you do

Not only will the value of assets go up a lot

You can rent a pre/rent at a higher price than the market price.

Of course, you can sell it at a better price ^-^

Once you learn it, you can use it for a lifetime
Why do you do this fun study later?

🤦‍♀️ “Real estate should be done in the 40s and 50s.”

🤦‍♂️ “Auctions are tricky, difficult, and there are a lot of things to worry about, so I'll have to do it later.”

If you're thinking, change your mind right now ^^

✅ Why people in their 2030s should study auctions

✔ It is possible to arrange a home for a small amount

✔ You can use your time freely when you go to court to get a bid

✔ If you know the principles of auctions, other investments will be easier

✔ You can live with plenty of time and only do what you want to do

✔ In the future, you can create a faster asset increase than your peers.

✔ You can live a life that is not dependent on work or salary.

What you need to study faster when you're even 1 year younger

Auction mom Sera said that it's real estate, and especially auctions

I'll be kind and easy to let you know ^^

“If you're a real estate beginner in your 20s and 30s without a home

Get started right now!

Auction mom will help you. ^-^”

❤ It is suitable for non-residential people in their 20s and 30s.

This class is perfect for non-residential people with seed money ranging from 10 million to 100 million won. If you're living on rent now, it's better to pay interest from your own home. If you can stay at your parents' house, you can rent on a charter basis.

This is a course for beginners in real estate.

I will suggest a method for each situation, such as what kind of property is the property that is right for you, how are apartments, villas, officetels, urban housing, etc., and what you should pay attention to when getting a mortgage loan in your 20s.

This course is a hands-on auction lecture.

You will learn how to search for auction items and 3 easy rights analysis steps. I'll even tell you how to bid and win in court. If you have any questions during the class, please use the book and coaching ticket to ask questions.

The world's meaning is simple.

A cause is necessary for the desired outcome to occur. To study well, you need to open a book. To win the lottery, you need to buy a regular lottery ticket. To win an auction, you must challenge your bid. Try it out with me. Now it's your mates' turn!!

[Video 1] Interview with 23-year-old son who won 7 million won (40 million won -> 100 million)

[Video 2] What should I do if I just received a successful bid and the price of the house plummeted??

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I'm Sarah Lee Hyun Jung, who will help her mate arrange her home.


What kind of house do you want to live in?


How to use leverage to arrange your own home


Is the auction a game that wins from the start?!


If you only know the 3rd stage of rights analysis, you can bid right away!


How to bid for an auction that even college students can do


The magic of making 5 times more assets compared to investment


A question for me in a free future


joyful sara

joyful sara

Hello! This is Sera Lee Hyun Jung, the mother of the auction.

I gave birth to a third late child at the age of thirty-nine, and it was an auction that started late

I became the owner of 21 houses in 3 years.

A book about this experience “I do an auction even if I don't have money”

Loved by many people, she became a best-selling author.

For those who want to start investing in real estate with a small amount after that

We are spreading easy auction know-how tailored to the beginner's eye level.

Recently, I gave my second son an auction to help him win the bid.

How to buy a house, not a mom who buys a house,

I wanted to be a mom who taught me how to make money.

You can do it too. If you join the auction mom Sera Lee Hyun Jung!

*Book: [I do auctions even if I don't have money]

[Now it's a paid auction] [Follow the real estate auction randomly]

[I work less and earn more than before]

*Cafe: Fun Auction (20,000 members) *YouTube: Lee Hyun Jung TV





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