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Skills You’ll Learn

Basic introductory knowledge of market trends and current conditions

Why is the price of a house like this, what will happen, so where and how to buy it

Now it's time to do it!

If I choose to rent or rent now, what will happen in 2 or 4 years?

The market is rapidly changing!

Choices are disappearing

아직도 낮은 점수로 청약 당첨만 노리는 당신

▶ Those of you who are still aiming to win an offer with a low score

But I had to arrange my own home, and now it's not an option. The market has changed since 2020. Choices are disappearing. Rents and charters aren't a good option anymore.

The number of students whose life direction changes with a single decision continues to increase. And the tone of the market that made them that way has not changed at all

Complicated loan regulations,

Endlessly skyrocketing pre/rent prices

Five to six years ago, I was able to buy a house, rent or rent, and there was no problem. However, as those of you who want to sign a charter and rent contract now know, the pre/rent market is not stable.

Even if you sign up for a charter today (after using the renewal ticket once), if 4 years have passed, it will be a difficult time to collect the charter tax, but it will be a “thunderstorm” for a moment.

The price of buying and selling is burdensome because loans are not available, the price of charters is increasing, and the price of rent is rising noticeably. It's hard to choose anything right now, but it's time to choose “less damaging” among them.

Unstable real estate market this year

This is what led me to prepare for the course.

앞으로 6개월이 내 집 마련의 꿈을 좌우합니다

▶ The next 6 months will determine my dream of arranging a home

Over the past year, I spent the past year preparing lectures on why I should buy a house, where to buy it, how to choose, and where to buy what, and what to buy, and I have accumulated data while working with employees.

Based on this data, we've compiled a method for estimating cost-effective regions 'at this point'. A great place to go to the market now and get a quick sale, a place where sales have been down for almost 9 months, and how to find real estate that you can benefit from buying nowI would like to let you know.

Hello, 120,000 real estate YouTubers

It's an ice factory.

부동산 시장은 기다려주지 않습니다

▶ The real estate market doesn't wait

There was a time when I wanted to live in a similar way to others, but now I realize that living differently from others is really a life for me.

I completely emptied myself, made my life extremely simple, and immersed myself in my goals, freed myself from money, and lived a life where I could spend my time freely.

Rather than asking people involved in real estate finance to look like an ideal mentor, I will plan the course and deliver the content based on the idea that it is efficient and realistic to show them a practical method that they can follow directly.

It's long and uncomplicated.

But it's a core content that can't be found anywhere else.

  • I talked a lot about mind on YouTube. However, I think talking about “mind” in this lesson would be a luxury.
  • If you want to survive in the market right now, I'll just tell you what you need to do.

I know all too well what kind of thirst you are feeling. I was in the field, worked harder than anyone else, and had a lot of experience.

This course is exactly what you need in 2022 when you've listened to it, and I'm sure it really helps you money.

It is a course optimized for 2022

I promise.

In this lesson, we'll be dealing with these topics.

  • How to buy the best home
  • Things you must know when buying a property no matter what happens
  • Essential knowledge you need to know when going out in the field
  • How should I calculate an appropriate house price?

If there are any changes in the course content

Up to course updates!

Since we cover content that is perfect for 2022, there may be cases where future changes fall behind or cannot be updated. However, during the course, you will be able to learn the most current and accurate content.

📍 Additionally, the content of this course is being conducted mainly in the metropolitan area rather than in the region.

If you want to know about local areas, please skip this course.

If you take this class

It changes like this.

2022 will provide a new direction for those who want to actually act on real estate and for those who have studied wrong

Since specific regions are included as examples, you will be able to take the course and act immediately.



Ice Factory Edu

Ice Factory Edu

Arranging my home will become more and more difficult in the future.

Now is the right time and opportunity for the rest of the days ahead.

My arguments are consistent, my lessons are intuitive, and my information is realistic. It insists on a consistent view of the market and presents specific information from the field.

Do not exceed 6 months.

Continuing to live as a tenant would be the worst choice to give up opportunities and reduce the value of one's assets.

The lectures were brief, straightforward, and organized in the most practical way. What I would like to ask in particular is “do not exceed 6 months.” If you are convinced by my lessons, if you decide to buy, you should fully understand, compare, and ponder, but not more than 6 months.

Real estate research and participation in the rising asset market starts from the moment a contract is signed.

[Appeared on YouTube 'Sin Saimdang']

[Appeared on YouTube 'Kim Jak Ga TV']

[Appeared on YouTube 'Furangi TV']

[Appeared on YouTube 'Salaried Rich People TV']

I too was one of those people who put off studying and gave up the opportunity to make a choice like any other normal person. I spent exactly 2 years wondering if I should buy an apartment or not.

Starting with a small apartment in a small city, I learned the language of the field step by step. The lessons learned from that time were shared with many people through the YouTube channel 'Ice Factory's Banbaeksu Project' and shared information about real estate with many people. Not a few people have set up their first home and received feedback that their assets have been boosted.

That my market analysis and my perspective are not wrong I'm convinced

Ice Factory

Ice Factory

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