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Earning a profit of 861%,

I'm Kim Hyun-joon, a young investor:)

Yes, that's right! I'm the cool representative of tvN “You Quiz on the Block”, the logic terminator of JTBC “Settlement Talks”, and a senior who knows some financial technology on YouTube “Sin Saimdang”. I'm Kim Hyun-joon, the CEO of The Public Asset Management, which also manages assets worth around 100 billion won.

In addition to the management of the company, we guide many people through various economy-related channels about the perspective of stock investment and how to find and analyze good stocks.

You are now,

How are you investing?

If you fall after an accident,

Aren't you studying?

When we shop online, we order products by comparing each site, checking reviews, and carefully comparing prices after applying coupons.

But when you buy stocks
How long have you been studying?

What if you're told to study before buying stocks? This kind of advice is probably very uncomfortable at first. Who doesn't know that? However, people around me also hear that it is already profitable... I'm busy... but I just want to close my eyes now, make a profit for a little while, and then study later..

However, opportunities to make money from stocks come every year. It doesn't necessarily have to be now. There are thousands of profitable stocks other than those introduced to you by a friend. If you don't put in money right now and study patiently to find “good stocks,” you can get a bigger profit than you do now.

If so,

Those who are really rich

What stocks will I buy?

How do investors with a broad and deep view of the market like Warren Buffett, who are really rich people, analyze companies and invest in stocks? Aren't you curious?

Let's take a moment to take a look at the process of how to find companies for real rich people to invest in through examples.

The first step in searching for investment items is to start with products or services around us.

Now let's say I like LG Electronics' “gram (gram)” laptop. Gram is actually a business laptop used by many companies, and its advantages are light weight and excellent performance. It's a good product with an excellent share in the notebook market along with Apple.

However, as far as I know, the share of sales in grams of LG Electronics' total sales is very small. If so, it's not a good choice for me to just look at grams and invest in LG Electronics.

I'm sure there are people who have gained investment insights from just this short article right now. In my class, I learn the process of discovering companies and determining the actual value of companies through products and services around us in this way.

In this class

What will I learn?

✔ ︎ Preview class highlights

Discovering sports from the perspective of the rich

  • The beginning of sports discovery is looking around!
  • Look at megatrends and take an interest in the products and services of the major sports listed in this trend!

Pay attention to the economic moat

  • What is an economic moat?
  • 4 things to look at in the economic moat

Timing valuation and trading

  • Let's look at the market through data! (Market size, proper PER, current value, etc.)
  • Let's invest through facts! (Sales volume, import/export data, domestic and international statistics, etc.)
  • How do experts judge? (Securities company reports, looking at trading trends)

While learning the above topics, you will learn how to find and judge good sports like rich people.

I am convinced that if you grow by building this method as a framework for your investment and adding your own perspective to it, you will enter the path of becoming a real investor and rich person like Warren Buffett.

Come study with me now!

We will reveal how rich people invest!

 투자도 공부가 필요하다

▶ ︎ Investments also require study

Investing in stocks seems as much as you know,
You can earn as much as you watch.

They can be lucky enough to achieve results in a rising market, but the real rich and investors look for undervalued companies even in a falling market and find stocks that are stronger than the market to make a profit.

Let's be a profitable investor with me! I'll see you in class. Thank you



Chart Surfer

Chart Surfer


I'm Kim Hyun-joon, CEO of The Public Asset Management, which is moving around 60 billion assets.


  • 2020.08~ CEO of The Public Asset Management
  • 2018.05~2020.07 CEO of The Public Investment Advisory
  • 2012.06~2013.08 Kiwoom Securities Investment Management Division Stock Management Team

In addition to managing the company, I made my face known as a Youquiz fund manager, and now I am playing a role in listening to many people's concerns about stocks in the “Know Seniors” section of the Sinsaiimdang channel and helping them resolve them.

If you look at what many people have been curious about when it comes to investing in stocks for a long time, more people than you might think about investment methods rather than companies. Is long-term investment good, swing good, or short-term investment good? There seems to be a lot of interest in this kind of technique.

I think every person has a different investment method and a different equation for success, but my personal perspective on investing in stocks is a 'value investment perspective'. And 'value investment' is one of the investment methods chosen by wealthy people around the world.

Through this class, we will solve the questions about what stocks and how to invest in rich people. Thank you

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