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With ProCreate and Photoshop
8 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Designing characters that fit the concept

  • Planning attractive emoticons

  • Sketch 24 stopped emoticons

  • (Basic) Creating motions for commonly used emoticons

  • (Advanced) Soooooooooooooooooooooo~! Make a hip rocking movement

  • (Advanced) Emoji flower! Making dancing movements

  • (Advanced),. Create fast-paced movements

  • Making fun video toons

Skills You’ll Learn

The law of approved emoticons

Learn about the rules of emoticons that increase approval rates.

How to get attractive ideas

The obvious one is NO! Let's create unique emoticons that match the trend.

Create a character that sells well

Let's make your own popular character

Create high-quality motion full of sense

Let's make natural, high-quality animated emoticons.

Learn digital drawing tools

Let's make emoticons using ProCreate and Photoshop.

Create video toons quickly and easily

Let's make fun video cartoons with the iPad video editing app.

ONLY 클래스 수강생에게만 드리는 특급 패키지

▶ Limited express package only for ONLY class students

  • This package must be purchased separately in a subscription environment.

Hello! I'm a wandering emoji artist.

Hello, I'm Yura, an emoji artist. I am <ruined bear>, <I'm a college student>, <King of Destruction> They have released various Kakao emoticons, etc., and are drawing interesting comics and animations with the emoji characters created in this way.

In this class, my own Emoticon production know-how and tipsThrough, I'll guide you on an easier and faster path to emoji success!

The decisive reason why the top 50 artist in 10,000 years was able to win the first place

It took exactly 4 years for the emoticon popularity ranking to become Kakao's most popular IP!

Until then, we had to go through a lot of failures and trial and error. I've experienced both success and failure, so I can tell you all with more confidence.

“You can't do this, you can do this!”

“No matter how many suggestions you make, they only get unapproved...”

“We released emoticons, but the ranking is too low!”

From those who are struggling because of lack of approval, to those who are worried about not getting good grades!

I'll show you all the know-how to make my own popular emoticons that I've learned from the bottom up, and I've gained a lot of experience.

If you're not good at drawing, it's okay if you don't come up with an idea.

Anyone with a passion for emojis can do it!

I'll show you the idea of raw things and how to refine characters and make them into jewels. You too can create emoticons that are full of charm.

ONLY FOR CLASS STUDENTS! It provides useful <pose guide>, <turn around guide>, and <character guide> approved by the artist. Let's use the guide to make fun emoticons in an easy, simple and simple way together.

A total of 31 approvals over 4 years!

No matter how much I like, I can't see the light if I don't get approved.

To all of you with proven skills that have received a total of 31 approvals over 4 years I'll tell you all the secrets of my approval!

Being able to have someone who likes my character

Giving people laughter and comfort with my character. Wouldn't you be happy just by imagining it?

I use characters I've created to upload Instagram and video toons to social media. Thanks to that, I was able to share the joy of getting to know more people.

In this class, not only emoticons I'm going to make Instagram and video toons to post on social media using my own characters.. Let's create an animation that will make the character stand out even more and more witty.

The quickest method is when you think it's too late!
I'll help you. Let's go make emoticons with me right now!

⭐️ 3 things that are different from existing courses! ⭐️

1. It's not obvious, how to find attractive ideas!

Obvious emoticons don't sell anymore! Are you curious about the secret to creating witty and novel emoticons from similar emoticons? I'll explain it to you in detail with a variety of examples.

2. How to draw natural high-quality motion (+ motion guide file provided by the wandering artist)

Natural motion, does it feel difficult?

Anyone who knows simple principles can quickly and easily become a motion genius. we Let's draw movements at a reasonable price.

Stop the cliché and uninteresting motions!

I'll show you how to get my own sensible motion ideas.

Learning from lectures A guide file for the motions is provided. Slowly follow the guide and draw your own character while listening to the lecture. Motion practice is just around the corner!

3. Even fun social media video toons with the emoticons you've created!

I'll show you how to make free, easy, and fast video toons with just one iPad video editing app.

Upload it to social media and gain a fan base for the character.

So how do you make one?

In this class, we'll create emoticons using iPad Pro Create and PC Photoshop.

I'll show you just the features you need for emojis, so choose the program you're comfortable with.

Go for expensive and difficult tools! Easy yet super easy to use Procreate (+ artist's custom brush file provided)

You don't need complicated or difficult tools to create emoticons.

The fact is that there is no problem with the iPad's “Procreate” emoji suggestions! I also do 90% of my work as a pro creative, from idea planning to sketching and pen strokes.

For those who listen to the course, I will provide the Procreate brush files that I have customized and used myself.

This program is all it takes to finish emoticons! How to use Photoshop

Photoshop is similar to ProCreate, but it's a program where you can touch more details. Also, in order to create the final file that must be submitted after approval, Photoshop is essential. Before I started ProCreate, I used to create all the emojis with just one Photoshop.

Let's quickly create emoticons using Photoshop's action function to color in 0.1 seconds, and with convenient shortcuts that I've been creating and using for 4 years.

From beginners making emoticons for the first time, to experienced people who are tired of traditional lessons that only teach how to use tools!

I prepared a course full of my know-how and tips. Let's make fun emoticons together.





Hallo I'm a wandering artist who draws emoticons, comics, and draws freely as she pleases!

I started making emoticons as a hobby in 2018 and have been going on for over 4 years now. There are characters that have become inseparable from me, and my life has been enriched economically. However, I also went through a lot of trial and error before I got to this stage.

In this class 101 lesson, I want to guide you on an easier and faster path to success. And I hope we can grow together as artists who walk the same path.







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